90210 navid lila '90210': Navid dates Lila, and Gia likes AdriannaSometimes the best way to get over a lost love is to get back on the dating saddle. Sometimes it’s trying out for a band. Sometimes it’s stalking and stealing cars. Fortunately, we get all of them on “90210.”

Adrianna, Gia, Navid, and Lila: Adrianna is realizing what she lost when she dumped Navid with the kind of drama that only a 16-year-old girl can bring. It helps that she found out that Navid tried to set Jasper up because The Creepy One got her back on drugs. So she’s hanging around The Blaze with her new BFF Gia in hopes of seeing him again. Gia’s crush on Ade is growing, but she does a great job stiff upper lipping it and listening to Ade bellyache — for a while.

Navid, meanwhile, is heading back to school and is back at The Blaze, where the adorable Lila (Amber Wallace) fills him in on Naomi’s new God-awful gossip segment and he develops a bit of a crush himself. After discussing things with Dixon and Teddy (Has there ever been a group of teenage boys so easily able to put past conflicts behind them?), who give him the business for not being over Adrianna, he asks Lila out. They have dinner at the Beach Club, which apparently the only restaurant any of them go to (I get the Peach Pit substitution, but still), and they discover they have a lot in common — including their fourth-grade cotillion. Lila’s a nice enough kid to forgive Navid his awkward moments, and they end up really liking each other. Adrianna, who’s walking around the Beach Club with Gia, sees them making out, and goes into a tailspin.

But Gia’s decided she’s had enough of being a shoulder to cry on about Navid. After hearing her sing along to “Jolene” (big props to the producers for using the Dolly Parton original) in the car, Gia encourages Ade to use her voice for something other than complaining, and to try out for a band called The Gloria Steinems (one of the members’ dad was in Guns ‘N’ Roses, so they get a lot of attention — man, I feel old). After witnessing the kiss, Ade pulls herself up by her proverbial bootstraps and auditions. And knocks it out of the park: she’s in the band. And then she gets to meet her new bandmate, Lila.

More freaking out ensues, and finally Gia confesses that she likes Adrianna. Which has Adrianna a little confused, and based on the promo for next week (which will either totally be a sweeps-style episode or a case of a promo cut to make us think it is), there will be lots of hype surrounding this same-sex relationship.

Silver and Teddy: Silver. Girl, listen to me. Naomi may be getting to be a better friend, and she’s definitely grown up a bit and become a decent sounding board. But she’s not the person to go to for dating advice. Silver’s still wary of Teddy’s playboy reputation, particularly since everywhere they go seems to be littered with babes from his past. Naomi fans the flames of her insecurity by saying that she’d always be worried when and if Teddy would start cheating on her if she were in Silver’s shoes. To Silver’s lament that she needs to learn how to make peace with Teddy’s past, Naomi says hey, no big deal, just monitor his cell phone, read his e-mail and do a little spying. Routine stuff.

Which, of course, Silver does — though she almost seems reluctant to read the e-mail that pops up on his laptop while they’re studying. It’s from a girl named Amy who calls Teddy “babe” (I don’t like that girl) and who wants to meet him at a coffee shop. Knowing they can’t go and spy themselves, Silver and Naomi ask Gia (How’d she let herself get roped into this one?) to go and watch what Teddy gets up to.

Which is nothing. He tells Amy that he’s giving monogamy a whirl and really likes Silver, to which she, quoting a gajillion movies before her, responds that monogamous is not who he is. Silver ends up confessing what she did to Teddy, ending with her relief that now she knows she can trust him. But now Teddy says he wonders if he can trust *her*. Hello, Silver, you should’ve seen this coming. Do unto others and all that.  

Dixon and his mom: Last week, Dixon’s birth mother, Dana, showed up on Harry and Debbie’s doorstep, leaving Dixon incredibly relieved that he hadn’t been rejected by his mother a second time, and Debbie worried about what was going to happen next. Now Dana stays for dinner, and Debbie and Harry learn about Dixon and Annie’s trip to Phoenix over Spring Break to see her (hello, awkward!). Dinner’s pretty awful, with Dixon trying to talk about old times, Dana changing the subject, and Debbie practically wringing her hands.

Dixon and Dana try to reconnect again by hanging out on their own, and he discovers a little more about why she was changing the subject: she was embarrassed about things that happened (like them eating tacos for 89 straight days) during one of her manic episodes. He also discovers that in addition to his and Dana’s shared love of sports, Dana loves a little sports betting — to “keep it more exciting.” Later, of course, Dixon logs onto an online bookie site to make bets for Dana. Are we witnessing a possible update of the long-ago Brandon-Walsh-is-a-gambling-addict storyline? Oh, I think so.  

As a fun side note, Debbie’s worry over Dixon and Dana is spilling over into her yoga class, as in, her hunky yoga instructor asks sensitively probing questions that allow her to spill just enough about her family drama. When she uses his line about her feelings being “validated” to Harry, you know trouble’s coming.

Jasper and Annie: It almost seems like Annie’s broken away from McCreepy — she’s back to hanging out with her friends, and she’s capable of a facial expression not indicating that she’s mortified by a nearby bad smell. But not so fast. Jasper, of course, is stalking her — following her when she’s out with Silver and Naomi, hanging around the house, and generally being creepy. When the car Annie and Dixon use is stolen and turns up stripped and wrecked, it was Jasper who did it. Because he loves Annie, he says — otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered to destroy any remaining physical evidence linking her to his uncle’s death. And if you’re not watching this screaming “Oh, for the love of God, confess already, Annie!” then you’re a more patient viewer than I am. We can only hope for a quick end to this nightmare soon.

What did you think? Do you think Adrianna and Gia will work as a couple? Do you like Navid and Lila together? How long will it take for Dixon to wise up to what Dana’s doing?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich