90210 cw jessica lowndes joe jonas zcap 320 '90210': Navid's corrupt father, Jen's out and Ade breaks free

“90210” is playing some tricks on Monday’s (Nov. 8) episode. Some of the bigger events in the episode include Navid and Silver pulling a sting on his dad, Jen pulling off a disappearing act and Adrianna doing the old switcheroo on her manager, Javier’s uncle.
Mr. Shirazi’s dirty business: We acquire some insight about the Shirazi family business. Bluntly, we learn that Navid’s (Michael Steger) father has been using underage women in his pornographic films. One of which we learned last episode is a student at West Bev. Yikes — that’s a bit of an awkward predicament for Navid. 
Even more of a shocker, Silver (Jessica Stroup) busts a “Harriet the Spy” mission and infiltrates a casting call at Navid’s father’s business. Posing as an aspiring porn star, she discovers that his father knew of this all along. Call the Better Business Bureau! Something smells like jailbait. 
After Navid relays this career-sabotaging information to his guidance counselor — well, we all know what will happen next. Navid has a good heart and he is always trying to do the right thing, but has he bitten off more than he can chew? We can only hope that once this blows over, Navid will get to keep his Ferrari.
Also, did anyone else see that little Navi-Silver almost kiss? Hmm. 
Tales of an unfit mother: Jen (Sara Foster), yet again, shows her true face as an unfit mother. Between going all “Douche and Gabana” with little Jack — dressing him in designer leather pants to letting him to fall off a changing table — it is clear that Jen just is not making the cut. Did we mention she went to a party with little Jack and almost took home another mother’s baby? “I guess that’s what [you] get for having the same stroller.”
Although not purposefully causing harm to her infant, her incredibly self-centered personality and lack of maternal instincts are coming through. Even she is starting to realize this, as well. If the mini breakdown she had after Jack almost busted his head open from falling didn’t give it away, she’s had it with the mothering biz.
In the end, taking care of Jack was deemed too much for Jen to handle. She left a note for Ryan (Ryan Eggold) and has left the 90210 – again. But this time leaving behind her beloved child.  

90210 cw joe jonas z cap 320 '90210': Navid's corrupt father, Jen's out and Ade breaks free

Adrianna’s arm candy: Joe Jonas makes for great arm candy for Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) magazine party. 
After being told by Victor (Nestor Serrano) that Adrianna could not bring Navid as her official red carpet date, we find out that Joe will substitute in his place for better publicity. Anyone object? Well, Adrianna tried to, but Victor’s sinister clutches were unfortunately still wrapped around her throat. She has no choice but to be obedient. Yet while on the red carpet with Joe, she pulls an unexpected stunt. 
When asked by a reporter if she and Joe were an item, she made it known that they were just friends. She then called Navid from the crowd to show everyone who her boyfriend truly was. Joe also made it a point to share that he is not dating Lady Gaga. Victor was not at all pleased, but we soon see that his grasp on Adrianna loosens up. Not by his own will, of course.
Adrianna is famous and as a result will be bringing in money not only for herself, but also for Victor. She lets him know that exposing her will indeed be a set back for her music career, but it also will eliminate his income as well. Then, she proceeds to let him know the 80 percent chunk he was receiving from her paycheck will be bumped down to five percent. Way to put him in his place, Ade!
Something makes us think that Victor isn’t quite dunzo, though. What do you think?

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