90210 the gang 320 '90210' premiere: No lying, no hiding, no kidding

For those of us who were disappointed in the Season 2 finale, Monday’s (Sept. 13) “90210” premiere more than made up for it. 
If I had to think of my biggest critique of the series, I would have to say it often stops just short of going there. Tonight’s premiere went there and then some.
I’m pretty sure some viewers thought the way the show tied up loose ends from last season, such as the break up of the Wilson family or Annie’s (Shenae Grimes) hit-and-run wasn’t done too well. And I was sure it would annoy me to have those things wrapped up with dialogue, too. Surprisingly, though, I wasn’t mad at “90210” for it.
Let’s face it, those storylines were badly handled last season and the faster we got past them in the new season, the better. And it feels so good to move on. Movin’ on.

90210 annie liam earthquake 320 '90210' premiere: No lying, no hiding, no kidding

Earthquake a go-go: I loved the earthquake and the metaphor that the show was shaking things up this season. It was a great way to start a stellar return with a seemingly edgier feel. The scene during which the aftershocks hit during Annie’s internship interview was heavy-handed, but, eh, it worked.
The Wilsons minus one: Who missed Harry (Rob Estes)? I sure didn’t. I couldn’t stand his overacting anyway. Without him, the family is much more streamlined. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed Lori Loughlin as Debbie, so having her as a single mom is going to be a good direction for her. Does anyone else hope she still has the hot yoga instructor’s number?

90210 dixon ivy oscar 320 '90210' premiere: No lying, no hiding, no kidding

Dixon and Ivy plus one: Oh, Dixon (Tristan Wilds), it’s “90210.” What makes you think a guy like Oscar (played by Blair Redford) — or any guy in that ZIP code for that matter – is not going to have designs on your girl? The best part? Ivy is California dreamin’ about him, too. The even better part? He’s hooking up with Ivy’s mom! Homeboy is a player and Dixon, you should be worried. Oh, and what’s wrong with your hair?
Annie and Liam form “Lannie.” Oh, not quite: Here we go with “90210’s” favorite romantic game. Let’s get together or not. Liam (Matt Lanter) is all dark and gloomy again, which is how we like him, and needs to break up with Naomi officially. I love that Annie didn’t return his calls all summer. She’s showing some real strength, because let’s face it: Damaged goods or not, anything is better than Jasper. You’re feelin’ me, right? Oh, and I can’t wait to see what her nutty internship boss has planned for her. Please, “90210,” make it scandalous.
Teddy will survive (cue the club remix of Gloria Gaynor’s classic): So, now it looks like Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is free from the pressures of becoming a pro tennis player and his relationship with Silver (Jessica Stroup). Now, we do the countdown until he’s gay…  One episode down… 
Oh, Ade, you’re bad (and so good): Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is showing her evil side and we love it. Come on, Javier (“Pretty Little Liars” Diego Boneta) deserved to die. Ade, you’re dropped from the tour, then whoosh, and he’s dead. Nicely played, “90210.” Now, she has his songbook and nothing can stop her from pop world domination. Navid, we see heartache coming your way, dude. So, sorry, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.
Naomi tour de force: Are you feeling Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) as much as I am right now? I love the crazy she’s going through in response to Mr. Cannon’s sexual assault. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? I really just enjoyed hermit Naomi turned depressed rape victim turned stripper four-way sex queen. Now, that’s acting for you.
Other points of OMG:
  • Was that the first time we ever saw the West Bev cheerleaders?
  • Ryan is looking really good after seeing him cast as the pier hobo last season.
  • Seriously, Dixon really needs a haircut.
  • I’m not feeling Silver’s hair, either. It’s like Hillary Clinton-esque.
  • Kardashian cameo? Eh.
Were you as blown away with the “90210” premiere as I was?

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