90210 s4 teddy ade navid silver 320 '90210' recap: Hell to the Na'viNaomi employs many levels of hussy to win over Max, West Bev’s resident hottie in nerd’s clothing. Amateur hour includes a sexy schoolgirl routine. Intermediate level equals sexy flasher in a Burberry trench. Alas, it’s all to no avail when Max tells her that her physical allure is an insufficient cover for her shallow, wretched soul. So Naomi gets next-level on his ass, slathering blue body paint all over herself for what she believes will be a costume party and screening of Avatar. Except, when she arrives at the theater, she’s the only girl in the room with a creepy connect-o-tail. Max’s friends mock her mercilessly, sending Naomi’s cheeks to a deep shade of purple. She storms out, and Max follows. He cops to being just as judgmental and cruel as she and admits he’s flattered she went to these lengths to impress him. She says she likes him for realsies, and they decide to begin an inter-clique affair on the DL, starting with a smokin’ hot make out session. How do you say “lady boner” in Na’vi?

After last week’s little game of show-and-tell, Liam plays right into Scuzzin’ Emily’s hand by telling Annie they should take a break, so Scuzzin’ swoops in and invites Liam for a coffee date to “talk” through his broken heart on the very night that Annie extends the olive branch. After Liam and Emily’s date, she invites him inside because the rest of the Wilsons are at a movie, and she wants to ravage him. He says with some surprise that she’s not the innocent bumpkin all the others think she is. Angered that others are talking trash about her, Emily goes down the list of each of Annie’s friends as she walks inside, listing her various grievances. After she finishes, the lights turn on to reveal Annie has thrown a surprise birthday party for Emily and invited all her so-called friends. Served! And by Liam and Annie, no less. It’s a shame so ineffable that Emily decides living with her grandmother in Arkansas is a more appealing fate than staying in the Bev Niner.

Also buying a one-way ticket on the Bitter Bitch Express is AAdrianna. She decides to shame the hell out of Silver by claiming she found evidence that long-lost Lilah was the girl with whom Navid cheated. When AAdrianna threatens to text a picture of Lilah showering to everyone at West Bev, Silver finally comes clean. Unfortunately, she also got clean in the girls locker room earlier that day, and AAdrianna still exacts her harsh revenge by texting a nudie pic of Silver to the entire student population anyway. Meh, nothing they haven’t seen before.

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