90210 s4 teddy ade navid silver 320 '90210' recap: Hula Hell Do You Think You Are?AAdrianna carries on with her world tour of haggery. She invites all her “non-famous” friends for a thank-you lunch but can’t be bothered to catch up with them because she’s too busy Tweeting quips about herself. When she starts texting during a heart-to-heart about Navid’s broken family, he loses it and tells her he’s sickened by her unbelievable self-absorption. AAdrianna proves his point by being flabbergasted and enlisting Silver, of all people, to convince Navid to give her another chance. Silver dutifully attempts to do as much until Navid admits he is developing feelings for her. The words are still hanging in the air when AAdrianna sweeps Navid away for a surprise, romantic dinner date. She showers him with seductive kisses and promises to be a more attentive girlfriend, so Navid caves and sleeps with her. Though I’m guessing it’s the last time.

Ivy continues to give her MILF the cold shoulder after the Ausscar debacle. MILF tracks down the Down Under Douche and tells him to make it right, so he explains how MILF ruined his life and apologizes earnestly to Ivy for ruining hers. He ends the night with Naomi, as they commiserate about how they’re both horrible, traumatized people. She came to this conclusion after deciding to date again. After piggybacking onto Ivy’s friend circle and lying to a hot surfer about being the new millennial Gidget, she succeeds in getting him to go out with her, then nearly fails at life — literally — when she’s taken out by the first wave she comes across.

Debbie, with some urging from the kids, also decides to play the field. She posts a highly popular online profile and invites one of her cyber suitors on a date. He turns out to be a bore. She returns to the arms of Matthews, even though they both agreed that starting something up would be awkward on lots of levels. I, for one, can’t wait to see Matthews lead the Wilson kids in a round of Christmas carols come Christmas morning.

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