90210 vanessa dead liam killed vanessa '90210' Season 5 gets dark: Did Liam kill Vanessa?“90210” waited until its second episode to introduce a major storyline for Liam that has already totally eclipsed the potential insurance fraud side plot we predicted from the Season 5 premiere: murder. Ding dong the witch is dead…maybe. Could Liam have accidentally killed Vanessa?

First things first: The big event of the episode was the after-the-fact wedding reception that Naomi decided to throw so Max’s computer company investors would think they were a respectable couple. She tried to be classy by holding it at a winery, but that backfired when the two surfer bros she kicked out for being rowdy turned out to be the video game magnates she was trying to impress.

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They gave her a second chance because she was hot, and also because action movie star Liam walked in and eventually agreed to voice a character in their next game.

Meanwhile, Silver struggled with the fact that the two dudes lusting after her didn’t seem interested anymore, and threw herself at future baby daddy Teddy. Trevor Donovan returns in episode 8, so it seems they’ll work out their relationship by then.

Dixon struggled with trying to resume his normal life despite Annie doting on him at all hours. Thanks to a cute/rude paralyzed boy the siblings met at physical therapy, Dixon pushed himself too hard and almost got hurt again. It appears this cute paralyzed boy will change Annie’s perspective on a lot of things — and maybe they’ll even find love!

Adrianna continued to hate-flirt with the club promoter, who is now helping Liam and Navid revitalize the bar.

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But back to Liam: He got into an epic fight with his crazy grifter ex-girlfriend/manager Vanessa (who somehow got more bananas over the summer), since her blackmailing about the bar fire turned into her telling everyone they were engaged. They were all alone when he pushed her a little too hard, sending her flying over the balcony and on to the beach.

He tried to call 911, but after he got his phone and went back, she was gone. Did she get up and walk away or did her body float into the ocean? Either way, lying to the 911 operator was clearly a terrible choice that will definitely come back and haunt him.

Here’s the struggle with this plotline: Liam, a troubled bad boy who turned mostly good, hasn’t really been violent towards women before. And while Vanessa’s crazy could turn anyone violent, it’s truly disturbing that he would lash out so hard that he’d shove her off a balcony — even by accident.

What did you think of the episode? What does this mean for Liam? Is Vanessa dead? What about everyone else’s storylines?

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