Ethan tells Silver how he feels, Ade gives her baby up for adoption, Jen sleeps with Liam because she is EVIL, and Annie Wilson finally explodes like the volcano we all knew she was.

After-Prom Party
Phoebe, the girl Principal Harry overheard talking about an after

party, asks I Moan if she can host the after party. Jen says no, but I

Moan reminds her that she owns the house and can throw a party if she

wants. Jen pulls a bitchface. When I Moan finds out Ade went into

labor, she asks Annie to keep an eye on her party.

On the way to the hospital, Liam is totally sweet to I Moan because they bonded on the fake NYC set, but also reminds her that what he told her about his mom is

private (his mom was a maid until she slept with her billionaire boss). I Moan previously spilled it all to her sister, who is now mad at

her about the party. I smell trouble.

At the party, Annie turns into the crazy girl who hosted the party in Can't Hardly Wait.

Dixon bitches to Ethan about how Silver doesn't like prom and lacrosse

and regular high school stuff. Ethan defends her rather forcefully and

Dixon seems to sense something but lets it be.

Silver comes to Ethan for advice about her and Dixon and he very heroically doesn't trash Dixon or move in on Silver. Awww. Annie gives Drunk Phoebe a ride home, while Jen finds Liam and "let's slip" that she knows all about his parents. She leads him upstairs.

Out by the pool, Silver and a bunch of girls jump in in their prom dresses. As Silver floats around all  Ophelia-like, Ethan watches and smiles, which does not go unnoticed by Dixon. He asks Ethan how long he's had a thing for Silver. Ethan denies it but Dixon says he found a picture of Silver in Ethan's jacket pocket. Silver comes bopping over and Dixon goads Ethan into admitting that he likes her. Ethan leaves.

I Moan arrives at her party and finds Liam getting dressed in a bedroom. I Moan looks just sickened and finds Annie's wrap on the floor. Once she's gone, Jen comes out of the bathroom and confesses to using Liam because her sister was getting a little full of herself. Wow, do I hate Jen Clark. Liam is furious with her because he didn't know she was I Moan's sister.

I Moan confronts Annie and screams at her in front of the entire party and everybody turns on her, calling her skank and throwing a drink in her face. It's an excellent scene by Annalynne McCord and Shenae Grimes. Annie grits, "Screw you, Naomi" and runs off in a rage. I say out loud, "Call you dad! Do it!" She calls somebody (the cops, probably) and storms off with a bottle of vodka. Annie Wilson *just* got interesting.

Silver finally tracks down Ethan and he grabs her for a big kiss. Mmm, nice. He says he doesn't want to be just friends, he can't take it. He asks her why she's out there with him instead of inside with Dixon. Silver cries. Speaking of crying, I Moan cries to her sister and I want to throw a shoe through the TV. That horrible, horrible, skanky slutty bitch. Oooh, I want to punch her. Sirens wail as the cops show up.

At the hospital, the baby's heart rate drops and they do an immediate c-section. The baby comes and she's beautiful and perfect. Ade doesn't even want to look at her, though. Awww. The Wilsons start acting really weird… oh my god, they're stoned from the brownies they ate from the "good kids" after-prom party. AWESOME. When they tell Kelly, Debbie whispers, "The nerds had pot brownies!" This storyline just keeps getting better and better. Debbie spies Kelly touching Harry and tells Harry that Kelly has a thing for him. He accuses her of letting the pot do the talking.

Brenda Walsh shows up to see Adrianna (in full costume and makeup from her show where she plays Cleopatra, like she wouldn't change first) and as they take a walk, they pass Jim Walsh's room. Brenda says that he's dying, in a very cavalier way. Adrianna urges her to say goodbye to her father. It's really disconcerting. Then a giant Chinese dragon shows up. And it's all a weird Adrianna dream. Damn. For a second, I thought "90210" went all David Lynch on us and I was stoked.

The dream spurs Ade to visit her baby in the nursery. Ty shows up with his parental release form and gives Navid a cigar and an apology. That's nice of him. Back with the adults, Debbie confesses that the Pot Paranoia made her think Kelly had a crush on Harry. Kelly denies it but looks guilty.

Brenda shows up for real this time, just in time for the adoptive parents to arrive. Ade starts to cry about how this is why she didn't want to hold her baby. It's nice work by Jessica Lowndes. Brenda then assures her that adoption is a wonderful gift, which is why Brenda went to China. Nice, they didn't go with the cliche of having Brenda adopt Ade's baby. The adoptive parents tell Adrianna they named her Daisy (or Maisy. I heard Daisy.) As they leave, she dissolves into tears. Aw man, I hate when fake people make me cry.

Big Ending
Liam calls I Moan and leaves a voicemail about wanting to talk. Suddenly, two big thugs burst into his room and haul him off to military school on his stepfather's orders.

Annie drives on some mountain road with a half-empty bottle of vodka on the seat next to her. When she glances down, there's a thud and the car jerks. Annie brakes, sees a car coming in her rearview and drives off. The car, with a West Bev bumper sticker, pulls up to the lump of whatever Annie hit and we fade to black.

Good season finale? I enjoyed it. Annie Wilson finally did something mildly interesting and I'm actually looking forward to next season with her. I'm bummed that we finally got some good Silver-Ethan stuff and yet I already know that actor isn't returning. Boooo. If you're interested, you can find more of my writing over here.

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