matt lanter interview star crossed 90210 cw '90210' star Matt Lanter previews his upcoming romantic lead in 'Star Crossed'

“90210” may be over, but this is just the beginning for one of the show’s leading men, Matt Lanter. The actor who played Liam for five years is finally moving on from Annie in order to play the lead role in The CW’s new series, “Star Crossed” (formerly “Oxygen”).

We got some of the scoop on this futuristic Romeo and Juliet tale when we spoke to Lanter recently. More than anything, the actor described his new project as a tale of civil rights in a near-future society. “It’s a really cool pilot: Brown vs. Board of Education meets space aliens with an epic romance,” he explained. “Instead of whites and blacks and race issues and civil rights issues, instead of the same issues we dealt with 50 years ago, it’s now the human species and an alien species.”

The parallels with the American civil rights movement are obvious in “Star Crossed,” a show that focuses on a group of alien teenagers sent to integrate a human school. “The aliens are segregated right now, kind of an internment camp,” said Lanter. “We pick up with seven alien kids being put into a human high school as a government program to see if the two species can be integrated and live peacefully.”

This being a CW show, there does of course have to be a love story. Lanter’s character of Roman falls for a human girl and the expected problems of this romance quickly follow. “You have this epic romance that’s CW-worthy,” Lanter promised viewers. “It’s Romeo and Juliet, basically — it’s one of the greatest stories ever told, forbidden romance.”

Since The CW has formerly decided to move forward with “Star Crossed,” we will definitely get a chance to see this love and civil rights story for ourselves.

Posted by:Laurel Brown