jen clarke 90210 290 '90210': Take that, Jen Clark!Tonight on “90210,” Jen Clark finally gets hers, though it’s not as satisfying as I’d like.

Adrianna & Navid
Ade wakes up from a drug-induced stupor to find out that Silver’s mom died and Navid had a pretty bad accident. At least she throws her drugs in the trash after hearing all the messages from Naomi. She tries to come back to Navid but he’s having none of it.

When Naomi rejects her too, Adrianna goes home and flushes all the drugs. C’mon, Ade. You can do it. No more drugs. She goes to a meeting and then apologizes to Navid for acting like an addict, for not just letting herself be happy. She says she wants to be friends with Navid.

Ivy, Liam & The Plan to Ruin Jen Clark
Ivy overhears about the racehorse invite and tells Liam, but she gets
suspicious that he’s doing this because he still has feelings for
Naomi. Ivy has a tech guy restore the recording of Jen, which is so
stupid. It’s gone, now it’s back because of some tech wizard. What is
the point of this? I don’t care about a story arc taking awhile, but I
do resent it being drawn out via some lame contrivance.

Anyway, they let Jen overhear them talking about the recording and Jen
confronts Liam about it (as Naomi gets a third present). Naomi is led
to a room to meet her admirer, while Liam and Jen argue about the sex
outside. Naomi overhears and tells Jen she doesn’t want to see her
again. Of course, as Liam, Ivy, Teddy and Dixon congratulate each
other, Naomi sobs in her hands. Sigh.

Jen & Ryan
Jen invites Mr. Mathews to her horse’s first race at Santa Anita and while there, Dixon tells Ryan about Liam (without naming any names) and Ryan dumps Jen. She spins the whole “you make me wanna be a better person” line, but he’s having none of it. They have an exchange about how he said if she was honest, she couldn’t scare him off, but that’s not really the point. She WASN’T honest. He found out all this stuff independent of her. That’s not honesty.

Silver & Teddy
We don’t even get to see the funeral, which kinda sucks. We just hear
Silver talking about it. Show, don’t tell, “90210!” First rule of
theatre!  Teddy sends flowers in lieu of going to the funeral and
Silver finds him hitting tennis balls off the roof. He says he didn’t
go to his mom’s funeral either. Silver hugs him and they start making
out. Woo woo.

Later, at the races, Dixon gives his condolences to Silver about her
mom and they sort-of make up, as Teddy looks on in the background. Is
he jealous?

Annie & Jasper
Jasper’s psychosis is showing, as he grills Annie (and then Adrianna) about what Navid remembers from the accident. She doesn’t see it, though, and lies to her mom about a Chemistry study group so she can cavort with Jasper.But her mom finds her Chem book at home.

Dixon totally covers for her later, though, and they finally patch things up. That’s awesome, I love their brother and sister relationship. And then right at the end, Naomi calls Annie and apologizes. Why did THAT make me tear up a little? I want the girls to be friends, just like on the original!

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Naomi and Silver dressing up in Jackie’s clothes to “Maneater” was the best thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Even though I hate her, Jen Clark and Naomi dressed in their racing finery was pretty hot.
  • I love horse names. “Daddy Loves Pumpernickel” is outstanding. If I owned a horse, I’d name it “Gonna Be Glue.”
  • It was nice to see Jen Clark finally get it, but I was hoping for something worse Like tar-and-feathering worse.
  • Ivy: You ever notice how some girls are so girlie that they sort-of skip femininity and go straight to “tranny.”

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