90210 teddy gay '90210': Teddy, you little rascal

I sincerely believe that “90210’s” third season is epic right now. The producers have finally taken off their kid gloves and decided to get their hands dirty. 
There are so many juicy things going on! Where do I start?
Down with Mr. Cannon: I’m so excited that Silver (Jessica Stroup) figured out that Mr. Cannon (Hal Ozsan) is a big gross pedophilic liar before it was too late. How amazingly edited was that scene of him trying to drug her interspersed with shots of Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) downing wine and a few too many pills? Okay, so maybe the wild animals playing in the background was a bit too much. In the end, though, it was necessary that Silver hears the voiceover in the documentary and match it with what Naomi said during her testimonial video. So, I’m not mad at “90210” for stealing a bit from “Mean Girls.”

90210 silver mr cannon '90210': Teddy, you little rascal

I’m thankful that Silver figured it out. For a moment there, I was seeing this being dragged out way too long and then I’d end up not liking Silver much in the process.

Laurel, you whore: Oscar (Blair Redford) revealed in the final minutes of the show that Laurel (Kelly Lynch) had dated his father and ruined his life. Is it strange that I’m not as disgusted by Oscar as I am with Laurel? Sleeping with Oscar’s dad and then him? Wow. As for his master plan to break up Ivy (Gillian Zinser) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds)? Fail for now. 
And Ivy (in order to make up for lying to him about her virginity) shared with Dixon that her father lives just minutes away with his new family and that he won’t have anything to do with her. Obviously, a child doesn’t deserve that, so the blame must go back to that whore, Laurel. Do we care? I never liked her character.

90210 annie eggs '90210': Teddy, you little rascal

Annie’s eggs: I figured out that Annie’s (Shenae Grimes) boss wanted her for baby-making pretty early in the episode. After all, it really wasn’t that sexy the way she sized her up like cattle. I kind of wanted this story to be a lot more messed up. Or maybe it is pretty messed up already and I’m just jaded by extreme teen drama. It just felt like kind of a letdown. 
On the other hand, I feel like Annie has dealt with enough crazy with Jasper and she can use a break. That is if this chick and her husband don’t go nuts on Annie if she says no to their offer to buy her eggs. That’s always a possibility. We can only hope.
Ade, not “Swift” at all: I was kind of hoping we could watch Ade get a bit further into the music world before she was caught. Again, I’m jaded. I guess a million hits on the viral video is pretty big already. I’m definitely interested to see what Javier’s uncle does next, though.
Teddy’s big gay hookup: Bravo, Teddy (Trevor Donovan). I’m loving the fact that he has already hooked up with a guy. Way to kick off the new gay storyline! We definitely want the details, please. How the heck did that happen? He’s currently back with Silver, though, so that will make things complicated. Either way, a thrilling  and bold start to his coming out storyline, no?
Relive Teddy’s awesome storyline below:

How are you feeling about Teddy’s little secret?

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