jessicastroup 90210 s2 290 '90210': Teddy's yacht partyTonight on “90210,” I spend a lot of time shouting, “You go, Annie!” Oh, and Silver sucks.

Annie’s Smirking Revenge

Annie gets grounded by her parents for the topless picture, which seemed excessive to me. She also gets “slut” graffitied on her locker. Did she score a 14 on the purity test like Veronica? Her revenge is to confront Naomi. The first go-round, Silver and Ade totally believe Naomi like the little Heathers they are now.

The second go-round, on Teddy’s yacht, goes a little better, with Annie confronting Naomi with Skeazy Mark and then confessing to Naomi (with Liam standing there) that she and Liam were actually sleeping together the whole time and used to cuddle and make fun of her and how everybody who loves Naomi loves Annie more. YOU GO, ANNIE! Also, Annie made a deal with Mark so he’d help her and we don’t know what her end of the bargain is. Uh oh.

Silver & Naomi
Silver decides that even though what Naomi did was gross, after how “cruel” Annie was to Naomi she can’t really blame her. UM, WHAT? WTF SILVER!!! Sending a topless text is SO far beyond the pale even if Annie DID sleep with Liam. If a girl did that to ME in high school… forget cruel. I’d only need a .45 and a shovel. I doubt anybody would miss her.

They bond like the Sisterhood of the Cuckoo Pants and it’s pretty barf-worthy. I expect better from you, SILVER.

Dixon & Sasha Fierce
Dixon meets a hot baseball-loving DJing chick who is also like 25, so what does he do? Pretends to be a music executive who drives a lambourghini. As one does. When Sasha shows up to DJ Teddy’s yacht party, he says he’s old friends of the Montgomerys and in the end they jet off to Napa in Navid’s lambourghini. This should end well. Never trust a big butt and a smile, Dixon.

Navid, Teddy & Ade
Navid apologizes to Ade and then Teddy confronts him about the whole “I hate your breathing guts” thing. Navid thinks Teddy is sleazy, but it turns out the sex scandal at Exeter was Teddy covering for his “scholarship kid” roommate so said kid wouldn’t get kicked out. Uh huh. Sure it was, blonde guy who eats ivy and rows boats.

Sure enough, not 5 minutes later down in the galley, Teddy tries to see Adrianna’s galley. She doesn’t kiss him and excuses herself, but there was hesitation there. Later, Navid is now all “rah-rah Teddy” and wants to throw him a welcome back party. Ade is strangely quiet.

The Wilsons
We have a delightful new plot device in which Debbie and Harry are having marital problems. They are fighting over how to raise the kids and he turns to Kelly for advice. He and Kelly bond, Debbie is jealous and I sense they are creating this fighting for a love triangle.

That makes me angry because A) there is no precedent of the Wilsons having problems and I don’t like things thrown at me from nowhere. If this was going to be a thing, it should’ve started episodes ago. Have a plan, WRITERS and B) can’t Kelly and Harry be good platonic friends? What is wrong with that? I loved their relationship and now I’m mad.

After Annie pulls her whole “we were sleeping together the whole time” thing, Liam tells Dixon his sister is a psycho, then goes home to his workshop and gets out some blueprints. Um, you’re the psycho, you sleeping-with-girlfriend’s-sister-plotting-to-like-blow-up-the-school guy.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Annie rocks now. I love season 2 Annie.
  • The use of “Poison” in both “Glee” and now “90210” makes me SO happy. One of my favorite dance songs of all time.
  • Harry’s line, “You think that I can’t detect non-verbal disapproval? I have two teenagers at home.” Priceless.
  • What is with “the Yankees can’t catch Boston?” The Yankees have had the best record in baseball for awhile now.
  • Dixon needs to stop dropping cheesy “Casablanca” lines while dressed like Run DMC.

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