I Moan moved in with Annie while her dad is being sued like the pervert that he is, Silver enrolled in Catholic school and Navid and Adrianna decided to get married and raise her baby. Oy vey.

Silver & Dixon

Dixon is uber-bummed about Silver trotting off to Catholic school.

Silver is uber-weirded out at the… fervor of the Catholicism at the

Catholic school. As a girl who spent 3 years in Catholic Disneyland

(Notre Dame), I feel ya, Silver.

Angela, a really stick-up-her-ass girl who wears a scrunchie, recognizes Silver as the "whore from the

video," but isn't mean about it, per se, she more wants to save

Silver's soul and says she'll fast until Silver tells everyone about her "checkered past." Silver freaks because her fresh start is ruined, but Dixon agrees that Silver should just accept what happened and stop hiding.

Silver has a crazy-ass dream about Angela dying for her (Silver's) sins and decides to send out an email about her sex video and bipolar disorder. Angela hugs her but Silver calls her on her starvation extortion and storms off.

Adrianna & Navid
They decide to tell his parents about the marriage-baby thing. It goes about as well as you'd expect. First they are completely prepared to deal with it, but then they find out the baby isn't his and they say no way. They encourage him to keep seeing her (which is awesome) but they won't let him marry her right now (which is also the right decision).

Navid then decides to leave his home. He arrives at Adrianna's house with his bags packed and then he proposes with a ring he got at a pawn shop. He says, "I've loved you since the first time I saw you in the 2nd grade.  You had this ponytail and all I wanted to do was pull it. And when you got to 5th grade and got your braces.  Well, let's jsut say my heart stopped … I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Ade." I didn't catch all of it and I'm sans TIVO this week, but it was awesome. Adrianna hesitates and then has to confess to him that the baby isn't from some no-name guy from rehab, it's Ty from school. She crumbles into tears and Navid just leaves without a word. It's awful.

He then storms back in, railing at her for lying to him and for letting him make a fool of himself in front of Ty. She pleads with him that she used to mess up a lot and that she messes up a lot less now that he's with her and he seems to leave for good and she bawls. He comes back in, though, and says she better not ever lie to him again and that once he puts the ring on her finger she can't ever take it off again. They kiss. It's a really good scene, guys. I think Navid and Adrianna are two of the best things on this show.

I Moan & Annie
Liam is giving I Moan the runaround and I Moan is letting him because apparently Liam turns our little spitfire into a little doormat. She drags Annie on a double-date with Liam and his cousin, Brew Dog. At a pool hall that has $2 beers. Classy. When I Moan goes to the bathroom, Annie makes Liam laugh. When they go to leave, Liam asks Annie out to dinner. Classy squared.

Annie tells I Moan about the being asked out thing and apologizes. I Moan seems to take it pretty well but also kicks Annie out of her own bed (which she and I Moan were sharing even though Grandma Tabby has a bedroom in the house going unused). The Wilsons take umbrage with I Moan's over-taking of their house.

I Moan confronts Liam about the Annie thing and he tells her he's not a "boyfriend" and she should get out now. I Moan thinks it's him self-sabotaging himself and that she'll wear him down eventually. Annie thinks he's just a creep. Hmm. I side with Annie.

And then I Moan's sister Jen shows up with champagne. Oh goodie! More crazy rich girls! She calls their father a "Dionysian Debacle" and whisks I Moan off from "Bourgeois Hell." Snerk. Turns out I Moan heard the Wilsons talking about getting her out and called her sister. But she's cool about it with Annie.

At school, Jen Clark takes quite the shine to Mr. Matthews. Man, what is it with this guy? Sure, he's cute, but a girl over the age of 18 (sort-of) can't meet him without dropping her panties. Jen then runs into Ethan and we learn Jen cashed in dear Ethan's V-card. A woo-hoo and a high-five to Ethan!

Wow, good episode! I love I Moan and Annie, Adrianna and Navid (while ill-advised) are terrific together and I sense that we aren't done with Liam and Annie. The only part I didn't love was Silver and Dixon. It was just a little too weird and awkward. Other than that, good outing.

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