jessica lowndes 90210 320 '90210': You Ask, I Answer on breakups, makeups and baby daddiesYour “90210” questions, my answers… 

Navid and Ade! I thought you said they are getting back together, but she’s so cozy with the Javier guy and the season finale is this week. -Michelle
From what I understand, she’ll be ending it with Javier on Tuesday, her heart belongs to West Bev’s most popular Persian Jew! 
And, p.s., I don’t believe Silver and Teddy’s break up will last either. Unfortunately for Dixon, however, he’s going to make the mistake of telling Ivy about that drunken kiss he shared with E.S. and it won’t go over so well.
Are Harry and Debbie getting a divorce? -Melanie Simpson
I’m hearing, yes. 
Any “90210” scoop? -JP
Naomi’s white lie about being asleep when she was really in her new junk-mobile, driving to spy on Jen, is the last straw for Liam. He’s kicking her to the curb and bringing Annie on his boat’s maiden voyage… much to Jasper’s psychotic dismay.
Who is the father of Jen’s baby? -Matt
A surprise package that is delivered to Mr. Ryan Matthews this week seems to indicate that he is. Sadly, the way he reacts to the news could have disastrous repercussions. 

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