90210 trevor donovan main '90210's' Trevor Donovan: Will Teddy's trust issues drive Marco away?90210‘s” Teddy Montgomery has been a player since he was introduced in the second season, but while he was on Spring Break this season he got a little taste of how it feels to be played. In short: not good. After hooking up with his old roommate, Tripp, Teddy discovered that the guy had a boyfriend. Ouch.

“Teddy was always a womanizer, but this hookup on the trip kind of changed things for him. Realizing he got played gave him some perspective on what he wants and who he wants to be in a relationship,” Trevor Donovan tells Zap2it. “It really shifts.”

The good news is that it helped clear his head when it came to Marco (Freddie Smith), the cute, out-of-the-closet soccer player who Teddy promised tennis lessons. “Teddy wants more solidarity in a relationship,” Donovan says. “He wants a more substantial emotional connection with someone, and that person seems to be Marco. He’s a very grounded kid, he comes from a strong family.”

It looks like Teddy’s giving monogamy a spin — that is, if he can trust Marco. Tonight’s (May 2) episode will put their fledgling relationship to the test.

“In the episode he catches Marco in a few little white lies that cause Teddy to think that he’s being cheated on,” Donovan says. “Teddy does have some trust issues. After his interaction with Tripp he’s pretty wary.”

Not to mention Teddy’s last relationship, which ended in emotional blackmail. “Ian really screwed over Teddy, big time,” Donovan agrees. “Those trust issues, magnified with the spring break hookup – Teddy’s feeling pretty vulnerable right now. Any little lie that he catches Marco in is going to really impact their dynamic.”

That said, once these two can get over their hang-ups and little white lies, they may be in it for the long haul. “Within the relationship you really see Teddy maturing and becoming more of a man,” he says. “He’s just really realizing who he is.”

A serious high school relationship just isn’t complete without that one rite of passage. “Teddy asks Marco to prom!” Donovan confirms. “Just the fact that they’re going to prom together and that the relationship has gone that public is a huge step in his coming out story and a huge step for his comfort level. It’s a good time.”

It looks like a very good time – though he shows up with Marco, Teddy will share a dance with Naomi… after they’re crowned Prom King and Queen!

“90210” has just been picked up by The CW for Season 4, but what’s next for the West Bev kids remains to be seen. Donovan isn’t sure where Teddy’s headed post-graduation. “I don’t have a clue on the planet,” Donovan says. We didn’t believe him – those actors are always squirrely with their spoilers – but he insists! “I swear to you, I have no idea. They’ve left it very open-ended with my character. We’ll see which direction he goes in. There are so many possibilities in my mind, which is kind of cool.”

If you’re wondering whether or not to get invested in the whole Teddy/Marco thing, jump on in. Chances are good that Marco will return in some capacity next season. “We’re all in the dark when it comes to Season 4, but it seems that they’re going in that direction, for sure,” Donovan says. “I’d really like to see him come back.”

In the meantime, Donovan has been enjoying some adventures of his own. “I went to Europe!” he says. “I went solo with a backpack full of books and the clothes on my back and that was it.”

That is so not Teddy Montgomery’s idea of a good time.

Tune in to “90210” tonight at 8 p.m.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie