2gether mtv A 2gether reunion? Please, let it happen!

With both the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block reuniting within the past year (yet no reunion in sight for ‘N Sync), it was only a matter of time before fake boy bands would want to get in on the action.
The four remaining members of 2gether, the spoof band created by MTV in 2000 to poke fun at the late ’90s teen girl phenomenon, are trying to get their fake-but-kinda-real band back in action.
According to Perez Hilton, Alex Solowitz, who played Mickey “The Rebel” Parke in the TV movie and subsequent TV series, posted the following message on his Facebook page urging fans to help their reunion wishes go viral: “Ok, here’s the plan I need everybody, all of you to tell everyone about this. we need this to go insanely viral so MTV can’t turn us down. You all have done an amazing job of blowing this up, let’s take it to the next level!!!!!”
While original member Michael Cuccione, who played Jason “QT” McKnight (“The Cute One”), died tragically at 16 of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001, we presume Solowitz means that Evan Farmer, who played Jerry “The Heart Throb” O’Keefe, Noah Bastian, who played Chad “The Shy One” Linus, and Kevin Farley, who played Doug “The Older Brother” Linus, are all on board for a reunion concert.
Obviously this is a fantasic idea, considering 2gether is arguably the best thing to come from the late-’90s boy band explosion (aside from Justin Timberlake, obviously). They legitimately opened for Britney Spears and charted on Billboard, so it’s not even that ludicrous that people would want to see them again. But even if it doesn’t happen, we could at least get a DVD release out of it, right? (Watching the TV movie in like 20 parts on YouTube just isn’t as fulfilling an experience.)
While we anxiously await MTV’s verdict, please enjoy the video for the 2gether classic “U + Me = Us (Calculus).”

Posted by:Jean Bentley