A beautiful, successful Russian model leaps out of a window and kills herself. Why?

Theories are now flooding the Internet about the "real" reason for Ruslana Korshunova‘s death. Some even claim that she was a victim of a Russian Mafia-controlled teenage-model flesh-peddling organization.

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And click here for the best crackpot theory so far. Or is it so crackpot? Anyone who saw Viggo Mortensen play a Russian gangster in in "Eastern Promises" might give this theory a second thought.

One wild theory is that "Ruslana’s death might be related to the model wanting out desperately and not being allowed to do so by the Paris-New York-Moscow mafia that controls teenage models. Some reports have linked the economic giant Gazprom with creating a web of model management and discovery with a tightly controlled escort spinoff that sets up supermodels with corporative tycoons.  Most of the girls being from Eastern Europe."

Even Geraldo Riviera is getting into the act (surprise), showing footage of the model’s body on a stretcher.

What do you think? Are the police being too quick to call it a suicide? Will anyone bother to dig deeper?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead