bethenny frankel skating with the stars A Case for 'Skating With the Stars': 5 reasons to get excited

When ABC announced the cast of its upcoming “Skating With the Stars,” reaction from Zap2it readers was… mixed, for lack of a nicer word.

No, it wasn’t all bad, but “lame,” “horrible,” “bomb” and “rip-off” all made multiple appearances in the comments. And while we understand (and always appreciate) the skepticism, we have to disagree.

“Skating With the Stars” is going to be one of the greatest things to happen to TV this year. And here’s why:

1. The danger factor
“Dancing With the Stars” 200th episode, with its highlight reel of “dramatic moments,” reminded us how dangerous ballroom dancing can be. Now let’s up the pace by a good 10 mph, stick knifes on our shoes and replace the hardwood floor with a sheet of frozen water that basically craves blood. Figure skating demands years and years of experience, and these people have none. Someone’s gonna die.

2. The cast
At first glance, it may not seem like those most “star”-worthy group, but the small cast of Season 1 is, in fact, a meticulously curated work of genius — for two women in particular. Bethenny Frankel, all on her own, is one of the most compelling presences on reality television, bringing with her equal parts hilarity and hysterics. And she’s refreshingly candid, so we know we won’t have to worry about scripted responses or diplomacy. Another person you don’t have to worry about being scripted is Sean Young, though for the opposite reason. We don’t thing we’re going out on much of a limb when we acknowledge that this woman is an absolute crazypants.

3. Johnny Weir
No, there is absolutely no foundation to this whatsoever, but we’ll be dipped in you-know-what if Johnny Weir isn’t somehow involved with this series. He’s been crouching like a bedazzled puma in the jungle of fringe media for too long. This is just the project to put his colorful personality front and center. If ABC hasn’t already locked him down, they best move fast.

4. It’s LIVE
“SWTS” has earned the obvious comparisons to FOX’s ill-fated, adultery-inducing 2006 outing, “Skating With the Celebrities.” But where “Celebrities” failed, “Stars” will succeed — because this is all going down on live television. The wipe-outs, breakdowns and utter lunacy will all be happening in real time. And though triumphs will also unfold live, it’s our morbid curiosity about how it could all go wrong that has us particularly excited.

5. It’s “Dancing With the Stars… on Ice”
You like “DWTS?” Of course you do. It’s the most watched show in the country. Well, this is the same thing — only the stars are risking their lives. Cool? Cool.

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell