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Community_Alison_Brie_Donald_Glover_Yvette_Nicole_Brown.jpgHere are a few more moments from my visit to the well-chilled set of NBC’s “Community” in late October, during filming of the holiday episode, “Comparative Religion” (click here for a preview), airing Thursday, Dec. 10.

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Donald Glover (in the center to the left, between Alison Brie and Yvette Nicole Brown) on the inspiration for his character Troy, a former high-school football star: “I based a lot of the character off Smash. You watch ‘Friday Night Lights.’ He’s a wide receiver, but I do like his style, the way he talks. ‘Smash wouldn’t do that. Smash has got this down, baby.’ I love Smash.”

(right, Gaius Charles as Smash Williams)friday_night_lights.jpg

Glover on why community college (the setting for the show) is cool: “It’s the heart of the show, which makes it such a great show and also makes people who come out of community college great. It forces you to deal with a variety of people. … Community college is a place where people are forced to be together, which is the world.”

Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays recent divorcee Shirley, and Alison Brie, who plays Troy’s former high-school classmate, Annie Edison, on that other misfits-in-school show, Fox’s musical high-school dramedy “Glee”

Brie: “I consider it the nemesis of our show.”

Brown: “We joke about ‘Glee.’ We love ‘Glee,’ but we joke about it.”

Brie: “We do love ‘Glee.'”

Brown: “It’s almost like ‘Community’ with music. That’s the way we look at it. We can each find our counterpart on the show. (It’s on another network, but) I think we should do a crossover anyway.”

Brie: “A mash-up.”

Brown: “Our community college against their high school.”

Brie: “We’ve been pushing for a musical episode, but I think it won’t come for a while. The writers are, like, ‘Dream on.’ But they try to incorporate it. They’ve incorporated your singing.”

Brown: “I sing in the Christmas episode.”Thumbnail image for Community_Danny_Pudi.jpg

And lastly, Glover on trying to talk while co-star and pal Danny Pudi (right) is
recording Christmas and Diwali greetings in English and Polish (and
singing) nearby: “Remember this, what is going on. It’s Abed, it’s Danny Pudi,
singing in Polish. The Indian-looking dude is singing in Polish. He’s
half-Polish, half-Indian. That’s pretty cool. It’s pretty funny. Sing
again! Having this in the background is awesome.”

(The two also do short vignettes at the end of the episodes. Click here and here for a couple of examples.)

Finally, just because it’s an awesome shot, below find actor Jim Rash, playing Dean Pelton, dressed as, well, whatever he’s dressed as …

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Community_Jim_Rash.jpg

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