Adrianpasdar_beard_240Word began spreading during Tuesday (July 17) night’s NBC Press Tour party that Adrian Pasdar wasn’t discussing his massive, Grizzly Adams beard.

All we knew was that the Heroes star didn’t have the beard in the finale when his character, aspiring politico Nathan Petrelli, zoomed off into the air, exploding brother Peter in tow. There have been rumors about Pasdar’s uncertain fate on the series, suggestions that the beard was growing for a movie role, or implications that it might be part of a second season twist on Heroes. To the best of my knowledge, that’s a scoop nobody at the party got.

Me, I didn’t ask. It’s one thing to ask about Pasdar’s beard as a cinematic or televisual narrative device, to inquire at the degree of torment any character might need to feel to give up on hygiene so completely. Me, I wasn’t interested in the beard as a function of plot. I was curious about Pasdar’s beard as a function of grooming.

Let’s not get into a debate of how well the beard necessarily suits the Profit and Near Dark star, nor whether he looks better or worse now. Whatever our other opinions might be, I think we can all agree that Pasdar’s beard is amazingly healthy looking. It’s sleek, black and darned if it doesn’t seem to glow.

Under normal circumstances, this isn’t the way I tend to examine other men, but I’ve been cultivating a beard of my own this summer, a fact I mention to Pasdar as the NBC party is wearing down.

"It looks terrific," he assures me, body language suggesting that there are at least a dozen places he’d rather be.

He relaxes a bit when I assure him that I’m not going to ask him anything difficult about Heroes and Nathan Petrelli’s fate. No, I just want to know about whether or not he conditions it.

"No," he says with a laugh that speaks to actual amusement and incredulity. "I just let it go. It’s natural."

What can I say? I’m impressed. Has he been trimming it at all, for either shape or enhanced luster?

"No," he says. Here, it would help if you picture Pasdar, surrounded by other various NBC stars, running his fingers through his beard, demonstrating its length. "How ’bout that? This is my trimming right here. I haven’t touched it since we wrapped."

My beard envy is growing with the minute. Does it itch? Is he looking forward to cutting it soon?

"Nah, it’s comfortable," Pasdar says before excusing himself in the most polite of manners.

So there you have it, readers. A Zap2it exclusive: Adrian Pasdar’s beard requires no conditioning.

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg