dexter spinoff masuka A 'Dexter' spinoff about Masuka and other ideas   what's your favorite?“Dexter” came to an end Sunday night (Sept. 22) with an appropriately sad, dark ending. Is there any room for a spinoff?

Spoiler alert — this article will talk about the series finale, so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched it yet.

In the run-up for the final episode, the “Dexter” cast and creators were asked about possible spinoffs and some of them, now that we’ve seen how the show ends, are obviously not going to come to fruition.

There were mentions made of a Deb-centered spinoff, or a Deb-and-Quinn spinoff. But now that Deb has met her untimely end and is floating dreamily in her white sheet out off the coast of Florida, we don’t think those are very feasible anymore. Obviously, the cast or creators pitching those ideas didn’t want to give anything away.

Likewise, Yvonne Strahovski pitched to The Hollywood Reporter that Hannah McKay could have a spinoff where she starts her own home and gardening show. Now that we’ve seen what becomes of Hannah, we don’t see that one either — and we’re pretty sure Strahovski was kidding.

A spinoff about Hannah and Harrison could certainly be imagined, but we aren’t sure how interesting it would be — Harrison’s not a psychopath, so he isn’t going to turn into Dexter 2.0. So that would just end up being a single-mom story in Argentina?

The one spinoff that we actually could see happening that has been brought up is one focusing on C.S. Lee‘s crime lab tech Vince Masuka. Lee tells Zap2it that he would definitely consider it.

I’d certainly be interested. It just depends on how it’s written and how it’s portrayed,” says Lee. And a Masuka-centered show would not only presumably let us know what’s going on with Batista and Quinn, but maybe advance the Masuka’s daughter storyline somewhere (since it basically went nowhere).

What do you think, fans? Is a spinoff in order or should we close the book on the “Dexter”-verse?

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