Sendhilramamurthy_nbcsummer07_240Maybe it was because we gave them an award the other day, but the folks at Heroes sure were accommodating to the scrum of TV critics that descended on the show’s set Tuesday morning.

We got the chance to look at the show’s new sets — the Texas diner where Charlie worked last season is now an Irish pub, for instance — view demonstrations of the show’s special effects and, most importantly, pry a few details about season two from the cast. Spoilers (albeit not gigantic ones) coming straight away, starting with:

Sendhil Ramamurthy‘s character, Mohinder Suresh, has a bunch of children’s toys littered around his New York apartment.

"It’s a fetish he’s developed — this is a spoiler for the second season, the professor has been playing with children’s toys," Ramamurthy jokes. "No — clearly there’s a young girl who’s been living with the professor. If you saw the end of the first season it’s fairly obvious who it is. It’s a logical leap."

We’ll go ahead and leap, then, and venture that Molly, the girl who was Linderman’s "tracking system," has been staying with Mohinder.

Ramamurthy also says Suresh "has kind of done a 180 character-wise. He’s far more ballsy, which is great. You’ll be seeing a much more butched-up professor." He’s completed his work on the first three episodes, and said he’s done most of his scenes thus far with guest star Stephen Tobolowsky, of Deadwood and Groundhog Day fame. Tobolowsky is playing "kind of a shadowy figure," Ramamurthy says, and that’s about as far as that line of questioning goes.

Jackcoleman_nbcsummer07_240Jack Coleman was also playing coy about the location of the Bennets’ new home, which he would only allow is in a different time zone than their old one. Judging by the design of the set — HRG, by the way, is living rather large — the bougainvillea on the outside wall and the backdrop, Southern California is a pretty safe bet.

The move for Noah "HRG" Bennet and his family, Coleman says, was an attempt at keeping a low profile in the wake of last season’s events. "But it doesn’t take long before keeping a low profile becomes impossible. … There are new secrets, new lies, new things Claire [Hayden Panettiere] and Bennet are keeping from each other. It turns potentially lethal pretty quick."

In other words, fans can expect a return to the ambiguous HRG they saw much of last season, rather than the mostly nice, self-sacrificing guy from the last few episodes.

"I did worry about" HRG becoming too much of a good guy, Coleman allows. "But seeing where we’re going in season two, I’m not worried about it anymore. I think he gets morally gray and dangerous pretty quickly."

Zacharyquinto_heroeswrapparty07_240The magnificently bearded Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia were both around, though both kept quiet about their fates in the wake of last season’s finale. Conspicuous by his absence, though, was Leonard Roberts, whose character D.L. was last seen clinging to life after taking a bullet for wife Niki (Ali Larter). Heroes creator Tim Kring assured us that we shouldn’t read too much into that, but in the same breath noted that Niki is in for some big changes this season.

Also on set was Zachary "Sylar" Quinto, looking decidedly not dead. "I’m allowed to say you haven’t seen the last of him," Quinto says of his character. "But the landscape in which you find him at the beginning of season two is alarmingly different than the landscape in which you found him at the end of season one."

Alarming for him or for us?

"Both, I’d imagine. But definitely for him."

Posted by:Rick Porter