heroes claire 290 A 'Heroes' ThanksgivingTonight on “Heroes,” it’s a Very Bennet Thanksgiving.

The Petrellis
Mama Petrelli shows up at Peter’s with Turkey Day caterers. Peter and
Nathan confront her about the body in the storage unit and she explains
about Nathan’s death and Sylar’s body. She insists that this new body
has all of Nathan’s memories and that just because he knows the truth
doesn’t mean anything has to change.

Later, Nathan starts crackling with electricity and morphs into Sylar.
Sylar then tries to cut open Mama Petrelli’s head but can’t do it
because Nathan’s spirit and mind are fighting Sylar.  He morphs back
into Nathan and runs out. Peter assures Mama Petrellil he’ll find a way to save Nathan from Sylar.

The Bennets
Noah and Claire are having Turkey Day with Sandra and the new boyfriend Doug. When Noah runs into Lauren at the grocery store, he invites her to join them. Woo woo. When Sandra and Doug show up, Sandra thinks Lauren is a hired cook. Awk-ward. But more importantly… MR. MUGGLES! Cutie cute cute.

At dinner, Sandra is quite snarky about the fact that Lauren used to work with Noah. Poor Doug the Schmuck just looks confused. He then suggests that they go around the table and say what they’re thankful for. Run, Claire! I watched last night’s “Dexter.” Doug is clearly a serial killer! When they get to Claire, she talks about how she’s NOT thankful because her roommate moved out and now she’s thinking of dropping out of school. EEEEEEE! (That’s the sound of dinner screeching to a halt.)

This starts a nice fight about Claire not fitting in and tuition money and finding her place and Samuel and the Karn Evil. Doug interjects about how everybody feels out-of-place sometimes, so Claire grabs a butcher knife and cuts her arm with it. As she heals, Doug passes out. Snerk.

Later, Gretchen shows up and Claire looks happy to see her. They hang out and Claire invites Gretchen back to their room. Gretchen says yes, Noah asks Lauren out to a movie and Sandra leaves on good terms with everyone (she told Doug he ate a peanut and passed out). Awwww.

Claire gets in Gretchen’s car to head back to school but says she wants to find out what the Magic Compass means. So it’s a typical college spur-of-the-moment road trip… to the Karrrrrn Eeeeevil.

Karn Evil
Samuel watches the film of the elder Suresh at Coyote Sands and learns that he can do… pretty much whatever he wants, including not telling Hiro where Charlie is. The other Karnies become suspicious when they find out Hiro changed the past but Joseph is still dead. So Lydia uses her power to go back in time with Hiro to eight weeks ago.

Once there, Hiro and Lydia eavesdrop on Joseph telling Samuel about his earth-moving powers and that a government man is coming to take Samuel in. So Samuel kills Joseph by shooting a rock through his throat. He does seem remorseful, as Joseph is choking to death on his own blood in Samuel’s arms. But then he hears Lydia and Hiro in the bushes. They go back to the future just in time.

Lydia talks to Edgar about it and Samuel puts two and two together. He then accuses Edgar of it and Hiro won’t back Lydia up because Samuel is holding Charlie over him. Hiro then freezes time, saving Edgar’s life, and tells Edgar to run away so that they can live to fight Samuel another day. When Samuel confronts Hiro about helping Edgar, he has his dread-locked version of Rene do some mind mojo on Hiro, who then says, “Must rescue Watson… beam me up, Scotty” and vanishes.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I liked this episode. It didn’t advance the plot too terribly much but it was a nice holiday episode nonetheless.
  • So what do we think dread-lock guy did to Hiro? Who’s Watson?
  • [to Mama Petrelli]
    Sylar: And you. You have raised the Evil Incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for.

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