reached the point on Dancing with the
where one slip up could cost you a spot on next week’s show. With only
two men left and all the ladies being as strong as they are, this is when
things get really tough. Hooray for people not sucking! Also, I really hate the way the British guy who announces the couples (and Len for that matter) pronounces Mambo and Samba. It bugs.

Spoilers below!

1. Sabrina Bryan
& Mark
Song: "I’m A Woman"
by Peggy Lee. Eh. Not terrible but not
I knew it had to end sometime. Tonight was the first time in a few weeks that
Sabrina mentioned The Cheetah Girls, which I can forgive seeing as she had to
do a 16 hour video shoot as well as a promotional photo shoot for whatever it
is they have coming up. Mark also got to meet the other girls in the group, one
of them saying that they hear wonderful things about him. Last week Sabrina met
Mark’s mom, this week he meets her friends…I’m not saying, but I’m just
saying. She’s a little concerned about being able to have enough time to learn
the routine (Mark says she picks up moves quickly but has a problem remembering
them long-term). Did all that Cheetah time hurt? Probably, but not enough to really sink her.
With her black and white sparkly dress and her hair and the red lipstick and
the facial expressions, she reminds me of someone out of a 40’s musical. She
had good energy, not as high as usual but still good, and her technique was as
solid as usual. Len didn’t like it because it was too powerful, because he’s a
British grump. Strangely enough, Bruno agreed with him. Carrie Ann, however,
thought she did great. I can sort of see where Len and Bruno are coming from
but, at the same time, it’s not like she’s dancing to a subtle song. It’s got a
lot of sass and she just channeled it.

Best Judge Line: Nothing too
spectacular, but Tom did say, "Len and Bruno agreeing this early in the
show? One of the first signs of the Apocalypse, ladies and gentlemen."

Score: 25 (9-8-8 — Like
Helio last week, Sabrina fell victim to the high expectations they have for her)

2. Jennie Garth
& Derek
Song: Never heard the song
before but I assume it’s called "All My Baby Wants to Do is Mambo." It’s
all right but someone should tell the producers that just because it’s got the
word "mambo" in it, doesn’t automatically mean it’s an appropriate
mambo song.
having some stage fright issues. Though it’s nearly half-way through the
season, instead of being less nervous every time she goes out to perform, she’s
getting more nervous so Derek takes her out on stage to hopefully help her deal
with it. He even tells her to imagine Len in her underwear. I’d rather imagine
him in a bear suit (one of the ones that has the bear face on top of the head,
but with Len’s face showing) or maybe some footie pajamas with daisies on them.
I digress. Did Derek’s mini-therapy session work? It kind of did. She didn’t
run out of steam like last week, which is good. There was a time or two where
she messed up a little but she covered well. She reminded me a little bit of
Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing for
some reason (towards the end when she’s good). She had good hip action and
there were some really nice turn/arm sequences. The two things she needs to do
to make it to the end is make sure the fluidity of her body is consistent and
to take a ballet class — she needs to work on the extension of her kicks.

Best Judge Line: Len said that,
since everyone left is good, "to progress, you’ve got to come out with an
exceptional performance. You did that."

Score: 27 (all 9’s)

3. Jane Seymour
& Tony

Dance: The Jive
Song: "Modern
Love" by David Bowie. Surprisingly, it works well.
from being in the Red Light of Doom last week, Tony takes Jane to a Naval Base
to get them in the mood for the Jive. You know, I really like their outfits, especially
Jane’s. It’s really cute. She looked like she was having a lot of fun but there
was something a smidge off in the performance. I think it was something about
the shoes. She didn’t travel across the floor as much as she should have been —
the moves were there, but it kind of seemed to me like when you wear sneakers
on a gym floor. You’re moving but the soles of the shoes catch you. Does that
make sense?

Best Judge Line: Carrie Ann said that
"some dances don’t bring out the best in people and I think that you’re
better than this dance." She still thinks she did a good job.

Score: 22 (8-7-7 — A smidge
harsh from Len and Bruno)

4. Cameron Mathieson
& Edyta
Song: "Magalehna"
by Sergio Mendes — Holy cow! It’s a good song for the Samba!
Cameron is so focused on getting the steps and counts, Edyta takes him to an
authentic Brazilian restaurant so he can also pick up on the vibe of it. He
talks to all sorts of people for tips — one of the dancers, an older lady and even
a 12 year-old girl. Cameron starts by doing a roll across the floor and even
doing one of those lay on your back and kick up to be standing deals.
Impressive! They slowed the song down quite a bit (which I’m surprised at because
he was concerned about the steps being so fast during rehearsal) but it works
for a change because they really played up the jungle beat underpinning of the
song. Even the vocalists did a good job…mostly. The girls messed up a bit on
the words in the middle, but they get a pass because they’re singing in
Portuguese.  Again, I digress. Cameron’s
really improved — his center of gravity is much better, as is his frame and hip
action. While Len and Bruno didn’t quite get it, Carrie Ann understood the
whole primal/jungle feel they were going for.

Best Judge Line: Bruno says
"I’ve never seen Captain Smith and Pocahontas doing a Samba before, have

Score: 25 (9-8-8)

5. Mel B. &
Song: ‘A Woman’s
Worth" by Alicia Keys
says the dance really suits them because it’s like their relationship — it’s passionate
and all about the "I like you…wait, no I don’t." Maks says Len will regret giving them a 9
last week, and Mel guarantees it. I must say, she’s working that outfit. It had
a really good feel to it and good pacing. I’m really impressed by her legs —
they have a great shape to them when she moves and she consistently points her
toes (not all of the ladies have the same level of control). They end with Mel
sitting on Bruno’s lap and Maksim flirting with Carrie Ann and I think Bruno
enjoyed that a little too much. All the judges really dug it. She may get a perfect

Best Judge Line: Carrie Ann said she was
"memorized" and added, "That’s the Rumba I’ve been waiting to
see all season."

Score: 30! Yay!
Samantha outed them by saying they only practiced for 6 hours this week when
everyone else average 20 hours. Thanks, Sam. But all the more impressive for 6

6. Marie Osmond
& Jonathan

Dance: Paso Doble
Song: I’m not sure but it
actually fits mostly, it’s a little oddly clarinet/oboe heavy, but I can
deal…I think…maybe…
the only bad part about the beginning of her segment is them replaying the
whole fainting spell. Boo. Marie is determined to make a better showing and
Jonathan is choreographing breaths in there because he’s still a bit wigged
out. There was a sense of hesitancy to it, but overall there was intensity as
well…okay, so I had to go back and mute it to watch the dance. The squeaky
woodwind heavy music lacked gravitas. Anyway, there were some really nice
moments in there. Marie captured the feel of the dance. And she worked her
skirt well but, like Carrie Ann said, I think Marie’s still slightly recovering
from last week.

Best Judge
It wasn’t a judge, but Tom Bergeron
said "I think that’s the longest I’ve ever seen an Osmond not smile."

Score: 23 (8-8-7)

7. Helio Castroneves
& Julianne
Cha Cha
Song: "Get Up Off
That Thing" by James Brown. Eh.
thinks part of the problem last week was Helio trying to be a character he
wasn’t comfortable with. Was it an isolated incident? Well, for this week it
was. Helio seemed a lot more comfortable out there and it had a much better
energy overall. I’m not entirely fond of the song choice, but Julianne really
choreographed around that. If he’s going to stick around, like Jennie, he needs
to work on loosening up his hips and the overall consistent fluidity of his

Best Judge Line: "By the way, when
you’re done with them trousers I’d look gorgeous in them." This was from
Len. Awesome. I totally want to see him wearing them.

Score: 28 (9-10-9 – it’s
Helio first 10)

The Group Dance
The Song:
Perry comes in to choreograph their "Rock N Roll" number. To make it
a little more Happy Days authentic, he
separates everyone into two groups, the Jocks and the Greasers. Cameron says
he’s going to throw Edyta 3 stories into the air. And then there’s a nice
montage of people getting hurt — Marie bumps her head on the floor, Jennie gets
smacked in the face, Edyta head-butts Cameron with the back of her head,
Sabrina yicks Mark in throat. It’s all fun and games until someone loses and
eye…and then it’s high-larious.

did surprisingly well considering they only had one rehearsal. Jane’s wearing a
blonde wig and is basically dressed like Sandy from Grease. They all had pretty good lifts but my favorites were
Sabrina & Mark’s (she flipped him over her shoulder and he landed on his
feet — crazy!) and Helio & Julianne (this crazy thing with her leg over his
neck while she was in his arms and he flipped her around and then she did an
assisted leap over his head).

Best Judge Line: Carrie Ann said,
"Thank you for the lifts…I know you dedicated them especially to

The Bottom Two: Hmm…I’m going to
say it’ll be two women this week. Maybe Jane and Marie? I don’t know, it’s
really hard to tell at this point.

Who’s Out: I really do feel
like it’s down to Jane and Marie…possibly Marie is going home.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks