justinbieberdoll amazon Your Bieber for the holidays has arrived

Move over, Zhu Zhu Pets, there’s a new Christmas craze in town, and it has better fur, er, hair than you. Whether you’re shopping for a tween girl, teen girl, 20-something girl, middle-aged mom or select members of the Zap2It team for that matter (hint, hint) we have the perfect stocking stuffer for you.
Ken doll be damned, it’s Justin Bieber that’ll be making Barbie swoon from now on.  As Zap2it previously reported, “collectible figures” styled in five classic Biebs looks will soon be yours to own and he’s here as of Saturday Dec. 4. Is it too early to line up outside Target?
Not only will the dolls (let’s call them what they really are, people) feature Biebs’ dreamy gaze, wind-blown hair and a super cool mannequin pose, but they’ll also — drumroll please — SING HIS SONGS! Well, only 30-second clips of them, but still. Now not only will we be able to kiss the crooner goodnight, but he can sing us to sleep as well. Talk about sweet dreams. 
Our pick? A leather jacket clad Bieber (cause we like the bad boys), complete with silver chain and a blue directors chair, singing “Baby.”

For those lonely girls out there, how about a super sensitive looking Biebs in a green hoodie holding an acoustic guitar belting out “One Less Lonely Girl”?

Other options include “street style,” “red carpet style” and “awards style,” though these little guys will complete the “JB Style Collection” and be mute.

We are curious however, what is the difference between “awards style” and “red carpet style?” We can only assume its just an excuse to have two dapper looking Biebs dolls in our possession, and we’re not complaining. 

The mutes will retail at $17.99, with the singers at $27.99. A small price to pay for a merry little Christmas… and to tide us over till the Feb. 11th release of “Never Say Never 3D.”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci