Cobiesmulders_howimetyourmother_s3_ Let the great debate begin!

Do you think the ending of this week’s How I Met Your Mother was a good thing or a bad thing?

The argument for the Robin/Barney hookup:

1. I thought it was a great surprise. Sure they’ve hinted at this before but I was still shocked.

2. They could become the bizzaro version of Chandler and Monica on Friends. They’re a couple not central to the show (Ross/Rachel, Ted/Mother) but could be the couple we never even knew we wanted together until they were together.

3. At the heart of it, Barney is a good guy so you know he’s going to feel bad about doing this to Ted. Next week’s episode is called "The Goat," but it’s all about Barney’s guilty feelings about breaking the "bro code." That could lead to some good dramatic stuff.

4. It’s a strong secondary story line so the show doesn’t feel the pressure of having to have something about the Mother in every episode.

The argument against the Robin/Barney hookup:

1. Barney broke the "bro code." It’s not cool and this may make us like both Robin and Barney a little less.

2. One of the reasons Barney is hilarious is because he is a player. Continuing with the Friends analogy, Joey only briefly strayed from his "how you doin’" ways when he fell for Rachel. But he quickly returned to form because that was his role on the show.

So after having a couple days to ruminate on the topic, I think I’m still in favor of a possible Barney/Robin romance, how about you? Talk about it below. Also, as a side note, kudos to James Van der Beek. Who knew he could be so hilarious?

Ask TV Gal

Last summer/early fall, I got really into Fashionista Diaries on SOAPNet. Any chance for a Season 2 maybe this summer or ever again? Kim

I checked with SOAPNet and no word yet on a second season but as soon as I hear something, I’ll let you know.

Theunit_grp_s2_240 Just checking to see if The Unit has been cancelled. I haven’t seen any new episodes since November. JBD

I am concerned that we haven’t heard a single peep about The Unit on CBS. What are the chances of it coming back? Any news? Jessie

Ah now is the time when TV viewer’s start to panic. Well the (sort of) good news is that The Unit returns to the schedule next Tuesday, April 29 at 9 p.m. on CBS. The bad news is it’s a repeat. Repeats will also air on May 6 and May 13. And, you are right to be concerned. When CBS made their announcement on of shows they gave early pick ups to, The Unit was not on the list. Nor was The Unit put back into production after the writer’s strike. CBS makes its upfront presentation on May 14 so we should definitely know the fate of The Unit by then.

Any idea on when they will make a decision on Eli Stone. I am literally sick to my stomach that I may have seen my last Eli. Dan

First of all, I so appreciate the level of drama. You’re my kind of TV watcher. Still no official word on Eli Stone. Right now, it appears that we won’t know for sure until ABC makes their May upfront announcement. Working in the show’s favor, the finale was up in the ratings and ended on a strong creative note laying the groundwork for a potentially great second season.

I haven’t heard anything regarding whether How I Met Your Mother is being renewed for a fourth season or not and I would really like to know where the show stands. I can’t imagine my Monday nights without the HIMYM gang. David

Same song, different show. There’s no official word from CBS yet but show runners have secured both Sarah Chalke and Britney Spears to return to the show before the season ends. I take that as a very good sign.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Rachelle Lefevre was Jerry’s girlfriend on Boston Legal. You may remember that she was everywhere last season. She was Heather on What About Brian, Sue on The Class and Marjorie on Veronica Mars.

Richardschiff_nbc2004allstarparty_2 Clare was the first to be positively delighted to see Richard Schiff as the man who didn’t want to have any more chemotherapy treatments on Eli Stone. Schiff was, of course, Toby Ziegler on The West Wing. Among his many roles, he was also Phillip Cowan on Burn Notice and was Barry on Relativity.

Michelle recognized Mitch Longley was the man in the wheelchair who got in a fight with Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives. Longley was Mitch Sassen on Las Vegas and Jonathan Ashworth on Judging Amy. Aaron and Ron recognized Eddie McGee as the second man in the wheelchair who called the police on Gabrielle. He’s best known as being the winner of the first Big Brother. By the way, I think that was the scene that pushed Gabby past the point of redemption. They played the scene for humor and it so didn’t work.

Charles recognized Senta Moses as Sweets’ girlfriend on Bones. We just saw her as Lizzi on Greek. She was also Phoebe on Beakman’s World and Charles remembers when she was Delia Fisher on My So Called Life.

Ryan recognized Jayne Brook as Rabbi Rebecca Green on Eli Stone. She was Dr. Diane Grad on Chicago Hope and Jamie on John Doe. She was also Rachel Lewiston, Paul’s drug addicted daughter, on Boston Legal. Rick Worthy was her lawyer. Worthy is Simon on Battlestar Galactica, Chris Didion on Eyes and Camael on Fallen. But I’ll always remember him as Jeremy on Felicity.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back on Friday with quotes of the week and thoughts on this week’s Lost. Have a question, seen a familiar face, want to nominate a quote of the week or a topic for discussion? Write me at

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