Ten days ago, I laid a bit of Greek finale scoop on you — which you should definitely check out if you haven’t yet — and asked you to email me with any burning questions for the cast. While moderating the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s "Conversations" panel, which included Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca), Spencer Grammer (Casey), Scott Michael Foster (Cappie), Jacob Zachar (Rusty), Paul James (Calvin) and Amber Stevens (Ashleigh) — Tiffany Dupont was out of town and Jake McDorman was at the Zack and Miri premiere — I got a few of them answered and thought I should fill you in today, in honor of tonight’s final ep of the year. Enjoy…

Can you ask the Greek cast if any of them have ever participated in fraternities or sororites and how they think the real thing compares to their characters on the show? Having done the whole sorority/panhellenic thing, sometimes I am scared watching it… it’s like their writers are spies!! And the actors play it so well I wonder if they’ve been through it too. -Nia
None of the panel members copped to having any real-life Greek experience, though Dilshad did mention that during the cast’s recent Declare Yourself college tour, a lot of students approached them saying the storylines are very realistic… However, I happen to know that both Dilshad and Tiffany kinda sorta have a bit of a Greek past, which they once spilled to me.

This is for the cast: Do the writers keep all of you in the dark as
far as plotlines go, and do they ever take your opinions into account
as far as how your character makes decisions or whatnot? -Jacks

Apparently, the scripts are often finished right before they’re shot, so there isn’t a lot of time for the actors to have input. However Dilshad said that the writers are really cool and definitely open to hearing what the cast has to say about their characters, and if they feel something is off, it’s taken into consideration… As far as what’s coming up, Amber told us that most of the time, she likes to stay unspoiled. But sometimes, there will be a cliffhanger at the end of an episode that compels her to run to creator Sean Smith and beg to know what’s next!

For Spencer and Scott: Ever since the pool scene in the pilot, it’s
been established to viewers that it’s not over between Cappie and
Casey. As a viewer, I would feel cheated if their reunion never
materialized, would you? -Jayce

Neither Scott nor Spencer hesitated when I asked whether they felt Cappie and Casey were meant to be together. They seem to feel the show will likely end with the two of them running off into the sunset…

I love Max and Casey, and hope that they stick
it out… and that the writers don’t go back to Cappie+Casey again. As
much as I like Cappie, I just prefer Max the most (out of all of
Casey’s men). -Mandy

You may not be alone, Mandy. Spencer mentioned that she really enjoys working with Michael Rady and is definitely into the Max-Casey relationship right now. FYI, they are currently shooting the second half of this season, so Max is clearly sticking around.

I’m not a fan of Max, but I did enjoy how Cappie and Dale bonded
over his lameness. Are we gonna see more Cap ‘n’ Dale next season? -Tish

When I asked Scott Michael Foster if we’d see more Cappie and Dale action, he asked me to clarify the question: "You mean, will Cappie and Dale hook up? Are they meant to be together?" Scott was the much-needed comic relief that night… but yes, he did say there’s been talk of more interaction between him and Clark Duke.

For Dilshad and Jacob: Your characters’ interaction during the Mr. Purr-fect competition was hilarious. But I think I see some sparks there. What do you guys think though? Are Rusty and Rebecca just too different? -CL
Dilshad and Jacob almost spit up on themselves when I posed this Q. In fact, the entire cast thought I was mistaken and actually meant to say that there was chemistry between Rusty and Ashleigh (probably because they just went to that dance together). Seems the thought of Rusty and Rebecca has never even crossed their minds. Jacob said he and Dilshad rarely even have scenes together.

For the cast: In episode 2×18, Patrick (Evan’s older brother) will come
in the picture. Do the writers and the cast already know who will be
cast? Will it be Jason Dohring (the perfect choice)? -pau

This isn’t a question I asked during the panel, but happen to know that Jason Dohring is not being considered, which is really too bad (but Jason just landed a part in Sarah Jessica Parker‘s HBO show, Washingtonienne, so you’ll be seeing more of him soon). As for Evan’s older brother, the role has not yet been filled. Any other ideas?

Just how embarassing is Cappie’s real name? -Leah
No one on the panel knows! Scott Michael Foster said the only person who knows Cappie’s sur name is Sean Smith. Sean did once mention it to another Greek writer, who claims he’s now forgotten it, so the secret stays guarded. Scott said learning Cappie’s last name could happen in the series’ last scene…

Alright, kids, that’s my time. But don’t forget to watch tonight’s finale… there will be a Rusty-Evan scuffle which includes that famed pledge paddle, Casey will have a love/career crisis which The HillsLauren Conrad weighs in on, and expect a killer cliffhanger that will leave you cursing the fact that we won’t see more Greek till 2009.

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