A man has been arrested for allegedly stalking Jamie Foxx.

The actor has been in Philadelphia, staying at the AKA Hotel on South 18th Street while filming the movie “Law Abiding Citizen.”

According to sources, 49-year-old Steven Toliver allegedly attempted to break into Foxx's hotel room three times, on March 22, March 27 and March 31.

Sources said on one occasion Foxx physically struggled to shove the man out of his hotel room.

The suspect allegedly claimed he was Beyonce's producer. Yeah, right.

Foxx's security guards later spotted the man several days after the incidents near the movie set and he was taken into police custody.

The suspect is facing numerous charges, including burglary.

Sources said Toliver has 24 prior arrests.

It’s getting scarier and scarier being a celebrity.

Pretty soon stars will need their own 24-hour-a-day private security teams, just like the president and the first family.

Maybe they should all live in protected and gated residential communities too.

Oh, wait, isn't that called Malibu?

Photo: Jamie Foxx on the set of "Law Abiding Citizen." Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead