a million pieces A Million Pieces music review: A fun, pop rock experienceOn Tuesday (Apr. 26), newly formed rockers A Million Pieces debuted their very first self titled EP via Scallywag Records. The six-track album features their lead single, “Laserbeams,” which already boasts it’s own music video.

]]>Jerrod “Skins” Bettis, the original drummer behind OneRepublic. Upon a first listen, OneRepublic would be one of the last comparisons we would think of for the band’s funky sound. We did immediately draw parallels to Cobra Starship, Metro Station and Boys like Girls. Not a bad club to be part of, in our opinion. The Los Angeles based group consists of Morgan Freed on lead vocals and guitar, Peter Vanderloos on guitar and vocals, Ryan Brown on bass and Stephen Soss on keyboard.    “Vanity Plates,” one of our favorites, kicks things off in an upbeat manner, making it tough to keep from bobbing back and forth to the beat — A trend that only increases with the rest of the songs. It’s definitely not the catchiest track on the album, but a solid start none-the-less. “Laserbeams” follows perfectly in the No. 2 slot with its catchy background and easy to-sing-along-to chorus, which goes something like: “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” The rest of the lyrics aren’t quite so simple, as the name of the band actually originates from a line reading: “You see I feel like I’m a million pieces.” You can hear it in the video posted below. If we had to choose a track to rock out to with a hairbrush microphone — “Dream of Me” would be it. The beginning moments of the song are slightly jarring, but the song softens just 30-seconds in with an infectious chorus. It was originally titled “California,” which coincides with the opening line, but was changed to fall in line with the lyrics of the chorus instead.   As far as a live performance, the group took to the stage of LA’s Key Club on Tuesday to celebrate the release of their EP. It was a fun show with most of the on-stage energy coming from Freed and Brown, who often jumped up and down on boxes to engage the audience. With only six-songs it was a quick set, but they’re exactly the type of band that are fun for a small intimate venue. Whether you knew all the words and wanted to rock out right in front of the stage or sit back at a table and sip on a cocktail, it was an enjoyable experience for anyone in the house. Check out our guerilla-style video of “Get it Right” during their live performance on Tuesday night. Below, you’ll also find the “Laserbeams” music video and a short background piece. Check out iTunes if you’re curious for more. We think they’re definitely worth a listen.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci