Wow, they’re not messing around. After the Model Life recap and title credits they go straight to revealing the fates of our Models-In-Training.

Enter Joel Wilkenfeld, Co-President of NEXT, Petra and Good/Bad Cop New Faces Agent Stephen. Joel begins by saying that they’ve discussed all the girls, both their abilities and personalities, and want to do the best for the company and the girls.

Michelle – Joel tells her she’s going to London. Stephen says they sent her pictures over and they really liked them.

  • Beatrice – Joel tells her that she needs to make sure she respects the people onset and tells her not to do it again. They sent her pictures to the Miami office and both they and the clients "flipped over them."
  • Angelika – Joel chides her about her stank attitude. Cut to her saying she knows what she’s doing. Petra also adds that bad behavior would reflect poorly on the agency. To that end, Joel breaks the news that they’ll be sending her home to California, sans representation. A slightly tearful and bitter Angelika says that she’s been doing great and she’s not going to change who she is, that she’ll take the next step whatever it is. And that’s what you get for being a jerkface.

As for Valeria, Lucia and Abigail, Joel tells them they’ll be going to the Bahamas for the last photo shoot to see what happens after that. Michelle asks when they’re going home and Joel tells them all that they’re leaving today, which they’re shocked by. Michelle the Daywalker says, "I better call my mom." Angelika looks pissed while Bea and Michelle giggle with happiness. Suck it.

Petra wishes all the girls luck and hugs them as Beatrice breaks into tears. Poor thing, she’s so young. Good thing she’s going to Miami. She’ll fit in well.

When they get back to the hotel, Bea, Angelika and Michelle the Daywalker only have an hour to get ready to go. The MITs all scramble and pack while Angelika gripes about not having enough notice. I’m sorry, but I seem to remember Joel giving you notice a few episodes ago. Lucia interviews that, even though she sees everyone packing, it hadn’t sunk in that everyone was leaving. Interestingly enough, everyone is shoving stuff in their bags while Bea is neatly folding stuff. Lucia tells Angelika not to forget her and Angelika says she couldn’t because Luci’s had a big impact on her. In a rare moment of niceness, Angelika says she’s going to take a lot of positives from this experience.

Bea, crying a lot now, hugs Abbi and says she’s going to call just to hear her accent. They all hug and sadly say their goodbyes(with another actual moment of niceness from Angelika) leaving Luci, Abigail and Valeria somewhat shell-shocked in their hotel room. Their moods pick up, however, as they pack their own bags and make their way to the Bahamas.

Once they arrive, the remaining MITs are met at the airport by a limo who take them to their outrageously huge and fancy hotel. Their hotel room is basically a giant condo – it’s got a huge balcony, a bunch of bedrooms and bathrooms … I’m pretty sure if you put all my college dorms and apartments together, it’d still be smaller than this room.

The next morning they meet their beauty crew for breakfast – Jonathan Glynn-Smith, Photographer; Roanni Castro, Hair Stylist; Amit Gajwani, Wardrobe Stylist; and of course, my favorite, Make-Up Artist Karl Giant. They sit around and talk and Jonathan briefly outlines the shoot. They head upstairs for a fitting. After a lot of trying on and switching outfits (except for Lucia), Jonathan is finally happy with the outfits. Once finished, they take a walk with Jonathan to their shooting location and then they go to an aquarium. The 3 MITs then get to meet dolphins which is pretty rad. Abigail is the only one who didn’t kiss it.

It’s photoshoot day! The girls get their hair and make-up done and Lucia finds a NEXTfax. She reads it to Abby and Valeria while they’re in the chairs – it’s from Petra who wishes them luck. Karl is a smudge away from being done with Abigail’s eyes when Jonathan comes by and asks him to change them. He does so nicely and there’s a pause before Karl says okay. I share your momentary frustration, Mr. Giant.

Did I say momentary? Because we are then treated to a 30-second montage (it felt like longer) of Jonathan repeatedly calling Karl’s name and telling him this or that (at one point he tells Karl they don’t have time to sit around for breakfast and coffee … while eating breakfast himself) with a bonus of Amit and Roanni being called out a few times. I’m sure all those things were spaced out over two hours but yikes.

They move all their stuff down to the beach and finish the hair and make up touches as Jonathan warns the girls that he’ll be pushing them. If he yells, it’s not because he’s being mean. Uh-oh. That’s like when people ask for an Assistant with "thick skin." Jonathan says he’s really trying to make great pictures with Joel (who’s with them) adding that Glynn-Smith is looking for "that one amazing shot." Lucia replies, "We will work on it." Have I mentioned that she’s my favorite lately?

Abigail is first, posing on some jagged rocks in heels while moving about and almost losing her balance a few times. What’s crazy is that Jonathan if totally that Austin Powers "Yes yes … no!!!" type of photographer. Awesome. Abby does really well as does Lucia and Valeria, all of them getting praise from Glynn-Smith.

And now, ladies and gentleman, I bring you the quote of the episode – when Jonathan asks if the make-up can get wet, Karl Giant replies, "Yeah … it’s all gonna go to hell anyways. Just shove ’em in the water."

Lucia’s up first. She gets in the water and wets some of her hair like a pro and he photographs her as she walks out. Abigail’s next and Jonathan says, "You’re not so obviously sexy like the other one." Ouch a little. She does great though. Valeria is next – she even swims a bit for the pictures. And that makes 3 for 3 on the good jobs.

Joel shows up at the mega-room afterward to discuss how the shoot went. Lucia is sleeping on the couch and it takes a bit of prodding before she wakes up. He commends them all on how well they did and tells them that, after the all return to New York and Joel et al review the film, he’ll be discussing with each of them their futures.

Back in New York, the girls get the remainder of their belongs together before meeting with Joel and Petra at the NEXT Office to find out their fates. But first, Petra and Joel review the film:

  • Abigail – They agree that she looks beautiful in the shots. The ones on the rocks aren’t as good as the more static ones but they understand that this was her first outside shoot and she can work on it. Overall, I think she’s grown tremendously but is still a little unsure. If she can ever get her walk down, she’ll do well as a runway model and maybe a specified genre of print.
  • Lucia – She looks great though Joel believes her body positioning can still use some work. I think Lucia has the most crossover potential and will most likely book the biggest gigs – meaning SI and Victoria’s Secret.
  • Valeria – They also like her shots, though she seems to have some trouble opening her eyes (sun? water?). To me, she is perfect for print like the COSMOGirl shoot.

Joel remarks that none of the girls really know how to really work clothes yet and he asks Petra how they compare to other working models. Petra says they all have the building blocks and a lot of potential, which will all come together with more experience.

All right, enough of this crap. Here’s what’s happening to the girls:
They all get $100,000 contracts.

That’s right. All of them. Which is pretty awesome. But it gets better because Joanna Coles from Marie Claire comes in and tells them they’re getting their first editorial in the magazine. She says that they really represent the international image of Marie Claire and they look like they eat. Big ups to Joanna Coles.

Everyone is happy — they cry, they hug and everyone, including Angelika, gets what they deserve. As Jem & The Holograms would say, all’s right with the world.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks