After all of the life and death drama of yesterday’s episode, this week’s elimination seemed rather anticlimactic in comparison. Let’s face it, vote seesawing and a sappy background package on James and Chelsia cannot compete with severe allergic reactions, hypoglycemic shock and the crazy that is Sheila. Alas, my task is to recap tonight’s rather boring episode and not yesterday’s drama fest. So recap I shall.

I was bicycling around the world and all I found were these spoilers.

Julie starts us off by recapping Amanda and Allison’s medical mishaps and assuring us viewers they are perfectly fine now. Julie, why are you wearing my school photo outfit from 1992? Sadly, my 1992 self and your current self probably wear the same size. Once we are sufficiently comforted that all medical issues are in the past, Julie teases us into the first taped package by promising that Matt and Natalie aren’t as safe as we might think. Will there be some sort of strategy exhibited by any of the players? Will someone finally figure out how to play this game? Mark me down as skeptical. James at first insists "Operation Condor" (to get rid of Alex and Amanda) is in full effect, but once Allison gets in his ear he starts to think that "Operation Brodown" (getting rid of Matt and Natalie) has just as much promise. I am starting to think James needs to stop giving all of his strategies pet names. Especially since his names are terrible.

After futilely attempting to build suspense about who is going home heading into this week’s live vote, Julie then introduces us to the background package of the week: James and Chelsia. What are they like at home? Well, James doesn’t really have a home, but he does have a bar he frequents. We have more in common than I realized. The people at his favorite bar are like his family, and seeing how we never actually see his family I’m starting to wonder just what the psychology is behind his little ‘"bicycling around the world" project. Very curious. James then gets a chance to explain his bicycling around the world, as we see him tell Chelsia how he traveled from Los Angeles to Seattle, then Seattle to New York, then New York to Florida. So…he’s actually bicycling around America, then. If he’s not even bothering to hit the whole of North America I don’t think he’s allowed to actually use the term "world." Also, it would be really difficult to bike across the Atlantic Ocean. I’m just saying.  We then learn from Chelsia’s doppleganger friend Jenny that Chelsia is a free spirit and that’s what she and James have in common. Wow, very enlightening, Jenny.

When Julie does the obligatory HoH interview, James reveals his hatred for most of the people in the house due to their materialism and shallowness. What did he expect, honestly? He’s on a game show where the goal is to lie, cheat and steal your way to $500,000. While wearing as little clothing as possible. Whatever, James. Go ride a bike.

Finally, it’s time for the live vote. Amanda and Alex are unanimously voted out, and only Joshuah and Sharon seem to have any remorse. In their exit interview, Alex basically says although Amanda was the reason they went on the block he thinks he’s the reason they went home, since he refused to campaign. Alex might be overestimating the rest of the bunch, here. In his goodbye message, Matt vows to seek revenge on everyone who voted Alex out. If he pulls that off he’ll be sitting pretty, considering he and Natalie were the only ones who didn’t somehow work to get them out. Way to be confident, Matty!

The HoH competition this week is called Words of Love, and consists of multiple choice trivia about all of the love quotes that are on the walls of the BB house. The gist is this: if you get a question right, you can eliminate someone else. If you get it wrong, you’re out yourself. The girls will go first and have one winner, then the guys will go and the two winners will square off against each other to determine the HoH winner. It has the potential to be a really great, down and dirty competition…until Sharon and Joshuah just annihilate the rest of the house and end up quickly taking the prize without even having to do the final face off. What is interesting is to see them take out Matt/Natalie and Ryan/Allison first. Is this a hint to what the nominations will be?  Also, they’ve won the last PoV and HoH competitions. I’m thinking we have a new couple to watch, folks.

Favorite quote:

  • "If we win, you should bike across the U.S. again and I’ll follow you on my bike…except mine will have a motor." – Chelsia, to James
Posted by:Carrie Raisler