. Thematically, it’s the same as the shortened trailer (ie, "Maybe contacting the boat wasn’t such a good freakin’ idea"), but with longer clips, a stirring score, our first view of the Freighters walking/talking, and a major plot point inspired by The Clash: "Should I stay or should I go now?"

The latter is potentially the most interesting to me, because it shows the schism that’s been brewing for three years finally snapping irrevocably between Jack Shepard and John Locke. The man of science and the man of faith lead two, uneven groups away from each other in this trailer: Jack leads a group of potentially 6 (including himself) off the Island, while Locke takes the rest of the Lostaways into hiding in the woods.

I say "6" since Shaggysteve also pointed out the rumor that the number "6" in the shortened trailer corresponds to the number of people who leave the Island. The "Oceanic 6," as they’ve apparently been dubbed (what, no "Ocean’s 6"?) are the few people who get off the Island during the newest incursion by the Freighters.  That to me is a fantastically small number of people, which means two things:

  1. Whatever happens this season must scare the living hell out of the Lostaways, if they voluntarily follow Locke to live a Rousseau-like lifestyle
  2. Those who leave need to either be a threat to the Freighters or have an incredibly compelling reason to get off the Island.

Further complicating things is Desmond’s prophecy that Claire and Aaron would get on a helicopter and leave the Island. If that’s true, then we know four of the six already: Jack, Kate, Claire, and Aaron. But even this is complicated, as Aaron wasn’t originally born yet when Oceanic 815 crashed, and while Claire and Aaron may in fact be taken via helicopter off the Island, there’s no reason to think they actually go back to the real world.

So all we can truly say is that we know 2 of the 6, given the events of "Through the Looking Glass." Indeed, that title may be telling us that’s how the Lostaways actually return to the "real world": through the Looking Glass station, via the submarine that Locke did NOT in fact destroy in "The Man From Tallahassee." Given what little we’ve seen of the Freighters/Dharma Initiative 2 (Electric Boogaloo), can we really assume they want ANYONE to leave? Perhaps the fission of groups happens due to Locke revealing that the submarine still exists, giving everyone a choice. Jack, having longed to leave, takes Kate and four others with him.

But first, I want to say this. I am not going to link to anything Oceanic 6-related, as it deals with potentially MASSIVE spoilers that I don’t want you to accidentally see. Moreover, I don’t want to see them, either. The following predictions are based on knowledge of an "Oceanic 6" being part of Season 4 of Lost. That is all. Any and all predictions below come from my own noggin. This is theory, not spoiler, below. If you somehow already know the six, please, I beg you, do not list them in the comments below. You can direct people to the answer via link, if you like, but I ask respectfully that you do not spoil those of us who like to remain in the dark. If you reveal spoilers, it’s more than likely that Jacob will have your kitten killed. And you so don’t wanna do that to Mr. Fluffers, do you?

With all that said, who could the four be? Let’s eliminate a few right off the bat.


Rose/Bernard: Sort of the opposite situation from Sun/Jin. She leaves, she dies. They are not going anywhere.

Sawyer: In the trailer, he tells Kate he’s staying on the Island to survive.

Any of The Others: This is the "Oceanic 6," not the "Island 6." That’s a clue right there. Which means Juliet, interestingly enough, stays behind.

Desmond: Again, we’re looking at only Oceanic passengers.

Having eliminated a chunk of people, let’s look at some leading candidates:

Jin/Sun: No one needs to get off the Island more than Sun. The clock is ticking on her life. Jin would do anything to protect her life and that of their unborn baby. In addition, if you believe the mythology of "The Lost Experience" will play into this season (as I do), then it’s very likely that Sun’s father will assure that at least his daughter will get off the Island. After all, her father’s company more than likely built the very boat sitting offshore. Then again, given his hatred of Jin, it’s equally likely that only she makes it off the Island.

Hurley: They’ve essentially telegraphed this in the promos: the man whose curse has apparently lifted re-entering society with over $150 million in his pocket. That’s money that could come in awfully handy were you trying to get back to an Island that no one can seemingly find. But I also want to know why he’s seen at Jacob’s cabin, and why it really, really looks like Jack’s dad is inside there as well.

Claire/Aaron: See above.

The following are possible candidates, albeit wildcards.

Sayid: I mean, he’s not one to follow Locke as a general rule. I can’t think of a compelling reason he would want to leave, unless he found out something about Nadia that compelled him to leave. He’s in play, but I can’t figure out a compelling, story-driven reason for him to do so. Then again, I can’t think of a compelling, story-driven reason for a lot of things on this show, and then Lost reveals itself to be eight steps ahead of me. So he’s here out of my ignorance, not the show’s lack of narrative brilliance.

Michael/Walt: Status unclear as to their whereabouts. I’ve been assuming all along that Michael and Walt are on the freighter, but what if they never made it back to civilization before getting onboard? What if the bearing 325 merely led them directly to the freighter? What if this is Ben’s overall plan? What if bringing these people onto the Island is part of his end-game? What if Walt’s projecting himself onto the Island to stave off Ben’s plan, and enables Jack and Co. to leave? Excuse me, my brain matter is leaking out of my ear.


That’s about it, right? Everyone else is dead or inconsequential. One final thing to think about: who is in the coffin? I postulated a few weeks back that it was Michael, wracked with guilt over leading the Freighters directly to the Island. And that still might be true, but naturally, I could be completely wrong. It’s just something to consider, as it’s likely the man in the coffin is one of the Oceanic 6.

But enough about what I think: what do you think? Who wants off the Island? Who stays? What is the Freighters’ "primary objective"?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee