parks and recreation wedding ben leslie A 'Parks and Recreation' wedding? Maybe. And Leslie is no 'bridezilla'“Parks and Recreation” just saw Ben (Adam Scott) propose to Leslie (Amy Poehler) in what is hopefully about to become their new home together. But is a Pawnee wedding celebration in the future?

“I would like to believe that the path that we’re choosing to take will be satisfying but also surprising to people,” creator Michael Schur offers up cryptically.

“You know that no matter what, Leslie will involve and include everybody in all her plans all the time,” chimes in Poehler. “This will be everyone’s engagement … the balance of their professional and their personal life is a lot of what’s coming up.”

But were there to be a wedding, don’t count on Leslie to be a “bridezilla,” which is a term Schur doesn’t like to use anyway.

“I think ‘bridezilla’ … is misogynistic. It’s like every time two women are up for an award, it gets described as a catfight. When two men are up for an award, they don’t say it’s a penis fight or something,” says Schur. “[Leslie] would want her wedding to be as much of a celebration of the people she’s friends with and the town she loves as much as about herself.”

“The whole idea of her character is she will walk to the ends of the earth for her friends, so she’s not going to make it all about her,” Schur finishes.

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