Yunjinkim_lost_240Question for you, Lost fans: How much does a holy-crap final scene like the one we had Wednesday night make up for an otherwise fairly uninspired episode, like the one we had Wednesday night?

I’m half-inclined to go along with Hurley and be shocked at the final utterance of the Woman Who Fell to Earth (and good thing she finally got around to speaking English). Another part of me is thinking, "Oh, come on. Do you really want to write yourself into that corner too?"

But let’s assume the Woman Who Fell to Earth (ABC tells me her name is Naomi) isn’t delirious from her loss of blood and is actually speaking the truth. What does it mean? (And yeah, here it comes, so now would be a good time to click away if you haven’t watched yet.)

What does it mean for our crash survivors if, as Naomi says, there weren’t any survivors of Flight 815? Where did the people from the outside world find the plane? Where the hell is everyone then?

The purgatory theory is still out, both because the show’s creators say so and because contact with the outside world is possible from the island. I suppose it could mean that our paralyzed man-healing, sperm count-boosting, pregnant woman-killing and one-eyed Russian-reviving island is in some sort of South Pacific version of the Bermuda Triangle, where weird stuff just happens, though that’s not an overly satisfying explanation either.

I’d be curious to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the subject, because I suppose I really should discuss the rest of the episode.

Yes, one-eyed Mikhail is still alive, even though he looked good and dead after Locke pushed him through the Running Man fence a few episodes back (he made an oblique reference to the island’s healing powers, so maybe it’s not just Locke). Conveniently, he happens upon the Desmond party and uses his Soviet army medical skills to help stabilize Naomi, then tries to steal her satellite phone before Desmond lets him go, because he gave Mikhail his word that we would.

I’m with Charlie here — not much can be gained by letting Mikhail go. Killing the guy might have been a little harsh, given the help he provided, but couldn’t they have at least lashed the guy to a tree or something?

The night’s ostensible A-story involved Sun’s pregnancy, with the primary information being that she did, in fact, conceive on the island, thanks to its magical sperm-boosting powers making Jin suddenly fertile. Ironic, that: The island apparently cures impotence but kills pregnant women.

The writers also managed to find a bit of new information in the Sun/Jin flashback, as we learned a little more about his upbringing, why he tried to hide it, and how he came under the direct employ of Sun’s father (paying off the debt, unbeknownst to him, for his mother’s hush money). With Sun carrying that much guilt already, to say nothing of her affair and her pre-flight plan to run from her husband, her relief at the baby being Jin’s is that much sweeter for her.

And, no surprise here, Juliet’s trip back into the medical station to "cover her tracks" was a way to leave information for Ben. The only question here is why the Others need "samples" from all the women in the survivors’ camp.

Which brings us back around to that final scene. There’s a lot to chew on there, and I’m sure it will be a conversation-starter.

So, let’s start conversing: What did you think of tonight’s Lost? Do you forgive a so-so episode that ends like that?

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