Sweet (& Sour) Love: What's the right move when you accidently see your therapist's woman trying on wedding dresses with another man? Booth and Bones will debate the dilemma — and the merits of marriage — after spying Sweets' girlfriend Daisy doing this exact thing. But as one couple faces a break up, another couple could be reuniting. Online, anyway. Angela and Hodgins will sign up for the same internet dating service and the computer database seems to think they're a perfect match.

Vegas Revisted?: Rumors of a solid Las Vegas finale have been swirling since last Spring when NBC canceled the show without giving producers time to write a proper farewell. With all the reader questions regarding this rumor, I thought it best to investigate. My findings? It's a definite maybe. NBC insiders say nothing's been decided, but with Knight Rider kaput, executive producer Gary Scott Thompson is now free to potentially write said finale. Plus, he's apparently got a few friends/fans at the network, so yeah, this could happen.

Friday Goodnight: Get ready to cry. Friday Night Lights

will bid a fitting farewell to Smash Williams, one of the show's

beloved characters, this evening. Coach Taylor delivers a monologue on

the A&M practice field which — unless you're dead inside — will

move you to tears. But as Smash rolls out, a few fresh characters take

center stage, namely Matty's mom and Tyra's new man Cowboy Cash. And

there's some seriously quality Coach and Tami time on tap… two very

fine scenes that prove they are TV's best couple.

Also on the schedule tonight? The premiere of Animal Planet's Jockeys, a documentary-style look at the lives of six men and women who race horses for a living. I've never really watched much AP before, but this is the network's first soapy type dramatic series, so I guess I'll start now. This evening's first ep focuses on a veteran rider versus an 18-year-old newbie: their rivalry, comraderie and personal responsibilities. It's pretty sweet. My pick for new program of the week.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh