To ease your Wednesday, a small dose of TV scoop: The Real Housewives of New York City, Life on Mars, Friday Night Lights and Privileged. Please enjoy…

Real Housewives In The Hamptons:
Orange County is out, Manhattan's in. Why is the adolescent behavior of these NYC mothers so damn addictive? It's like catching up with old, nasty friends, I guess. And, well, it just gets better next week as Summer vacation continues: Alex's husband Simon will be in the midst of another "deep homosexual panic" over which suede loafers to purchase, the light blue or the pink/orange (uh, yeah)… Bethenny will suffer a Jason/relationship-related breakdown at the hands of Jill's mommy, who's in town from Florida… and the Countess will bitch, once again, about not being referred to with the proper respect. But the best is that we find out why she's so annoying with this business. Her parents had seven kids and didn't pay her enough attention. Mystery solved. (Oh, and my boy Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) graces the show with his presence and seems to be making light of Mrs. De Lesseps and her "status"!)

Family Life on Mars: Unsettled, sad and full of regret. Expect to see another side of Life on Mars' Detective Gene Hunt this evening. He now knows that his daughter is the lucky lady whom Sam defiled in the file room, but he won't react the way you might think.

Friday Night To Remember:
Matt and Julie. Mulie. My favorite young Friday Night Lights couple will reconnect this week. And when I say connect, I mean they may or may not be connecting as they've never connected before, you know what I'm sayin'?

Privileged Friends: "We were on a break!" The immortal words of Dr. Ross Geller after a one night stand that would ruin his relationship with Rachel Green (almost) forever. Well, it should be noted that Privileged's exec producer Rina Mimoun is a big time Friends fan. Huge, in fact. And, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, there will be a split or two in next week's season finale…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh