a sisters nightmare lifetime kelly rutherford 'A Sister's Nightmare': Natasha Henstridge terrorizes Kelly Rutherford   or does she?On the latest Lifetime original movie offering, Natasha Henstridge is her “Sister’s Nightmare,” playing a “criminally insane” woman named Cassidy who shot and killed her husband and almost drowned their infant over a decade ago.

Spoiler alert, in case you haven’t watched it yet.

Kelly Rutherford is her younger sister Jane, a cop who has raised baby Emily as her own. But now Cassidy is out of the mental hospital and wants her daughter back! Dun dun dun. Except not really, because it’s the slowest burn everrrrrrr. Over halfway through and the craziest thing Cassidy does is sneak into Emily’s room in the middle of the night and be nice to her. Oh, the horror.

In fact, by the end, Rutherford is so annoying that we’re rooting for Henstridge to kidnap her daughter and run for it. Maybe it’s all a big twist — Jane is actually Cassidy’s nightmare for keeping her from her kid all these years.

OH! And then we actually were pretty close — Janie is the crazy one. She shot Cassidy and her husband and then essentially stole the baby. Excellent. That turned the whole movie around.

Some of the gems from this one include:

  • Cassidy: “Wow, it’s so private here. You could do anything you want and no one would ever know.”
  • Jane’s partner Vic: “She seems … attractive. Is she single?”
  • Emily: “How did you get in my room? I locked my door.”
    Cassidy: “I know. I tried that first.”
  • Emily: “Sorry I’m such a nutcase.”
    Josh: “You shouldn’t say stuff like that. It reinforces a negative image of yourself.”
  • Jane: “Cassidy doesn’t want Emily. It’s a game and if she wins, Emily’s disposable.”
  • Jane: “You know what? Spare me the self-pity. You have a husband that adores you and a baby. What do I have?!”
  • Cassidy: “Janie, Blackie slipped. It was an accident. He broke his leg and we couldn’t fix it. Why can’t you believe that? You didn’t have to kill Brian.”

Did you watch “A Sister’s Nightmare?”

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