last week’s fairly light-hearted vibe, Kyle XY decides to bring the room
down a little and get personal. There’s a resolution of a long standing issue
for one character, two others struggle to deal with the aftermath of last
week’s final scene and another gets put in a rough situation.


Lori got knocked out and her necklace stolen in the alley last week, everyone’s
handling her with kid gloves despite her insistence that she’s fine. Kyle feels
guilty and is keeping watch outside her door while Papa Stephen is sleeping in
her room, which she tells them to stop doing. Lori chalks up the attack as a
hate crime, someone going after her for being socially conscious and she
refuses to let it get her down despite everyone telling her it’s okay to break
down. Except for her brother. Josh is
partially avoiding her, leaving abruptly every time he looks at her bruised
face and hasn’t said anything insensitive since the incident.

Kyle’s storyline wasn’t as important as Jessi’s and Lori’s.

discovers Patent-Pending Power #117, picking up brief messages/mental images
from the comatose. Comes in handy since Stephen’s estranged father, William, is
laid up in the hospital after a stroke. Stephen hasn’t talked to his dad in
years after they had a big falling out. With the help of a somewhat insistent
Amanda the Bland (who sadly went back to fairly innocuous form this episode),
Kyle manages to decipher some seemingly disjointed bits and pieces and finally
allowed Stephen and William (who of course dies at the end of the episode) to
reconcile. Also, Kyle and Amanda finally kiss … without any tongue. Which is good
since it was a close-up and Kirsten Proust isn’t quite legal yet (17 to Matt
Dallas’ 25-ish — sorry if that’s too much info but I was curious and felt the
need to share).

pops up in Lori’s doorway, startling her. Lori shows her the injuries (she has
scratches on her shoulder as well) and tells Jessi they look worse than they
feel. They have a brief conversation and it’s clear that there’s something off,
partially Jessi not totally comprehending the situation and partially something
else …

Jessi’s session with Nicole, Jessi wants to know what Nicole is writing and asks
if she can read the notes. She can’t because they’re confidential but Nicole
does share that she sometimes writes what Jessi says and sometimes just records
notes. Nicole then inquires about her "sister" (she’s basically trying to
figure of if Jessi is being abused). Jessi confesses that Emily is controlling
and that she’s not the same person she projects which leads Nicole to have a
meeting with Emily later. Not wanting Nicole to dig any deeper, Emily says she
thinks it was a mistake to bring Jessi to her and Nicole disagrees and
threatens to call family services if Jessi misses any appointments.

talks to Ballantine the Evil Madacorp Figurehead and tells him the
His solution? Bring her in to reprogram her. This doesn’t sit well with
because Jessi is a teenage girl with "feelings and emotions and
desires" and she can’t just be reprogrammed every time she exhibits her
own personality. She
wants out of the assignment, but Ballantine tells her that it would
behoove her
to stay. Later on she calls to check on her daughter and finds out
picked her up from school already, someone from Madacorp with false
Rushing home, she asks her mother where her daughter is. Turns out she
dropped home and the guy who did it told her that "They always have
[Emily’s] family in mind.”

all this, Declan has been gravitating back towards Lori even more than
before. While discussing the incident at the beginning of the episode,
Declan is certain that Foss is behind the attack, though Kyle doesn’t
think he is. It’s Kyle who tells Declan that Lori would really
appreciate him visiting her and, despite being somewhat unsure, he
does. Declan tells Lori it would be okay if she needed to freak out but
she maintains her strong act and says she’ll see him at some dude’s
party later.

Jessi uses a fancy ability Kyle hasn’t used yet — by remembering the
sound of
the pencil and the way Nicole’s hand was moving during her session,
copies down the note she was curious about and discovers that Nicole
believes Jessi "lacks empathy, is socially manipulative and has no
remorse." Sounds about
right, poor thing. Declan pops up at that moment and they briefly
discuss Lori,
which causes Jessi to empathize for the first time.

As Lori gets ready for the party, she finally decides that she doesn’t want to go and texts Declan to have fun. He texts back "Open your window" – which she does to let him in. He brought her chick flicks and she asks him to hang out for awhile. He agrees, but only if she plays him the song he missed to go make out with Jessi a few episodes ago. Declan hands Lori the guitar and they sit on opposite ends of the bed.

Emily gets home, Jessi’s sitting on the floor, crying in the dark. Jessi is
scared and confused and we see Emily in a brief motherly moment. Too bad it’s
short lived as Emily marches Jessi into the office the next morning and hands
her over to Ballantine for rewiring. Emily also gets ordered to step up
whatever game plan she has for Stephen. Last week I called 2 to 3 episodes
before Emily’s big push … not that I’m trying to pat myself on the back or
anything, but … *pat pat*

Oh, also
the main reason Jessi was crying was because she’s the one who mugged Lori so
she could get Declan’s necklace. Nice. She leaves it in Lori’s locker, who is a
bit unnerved when she finds it the next morning. Lori also confronts Josh on
his weirdness. Josh says it’s because when he sees her bruise, he gets angry
because he wants to pound on the guy who did it. It’s a touching exchange … but
not too touching as Josh sums up by adding, "Hillary Duff called. She wants her
shirt back."

So next
week, the kids go off on a Scooby-Doo sized adventure involving
flashlights, the blown-up remains of Jessi and Kyle’s birthplace, Jessi and
Amanda fighting (read: Amanda probably getting the crap beaten out of her)
because of Jessi’s newly programmed preoccupation with Kyle, Lori getting
trapped in a room, Josh getting called out by Andy and … is that a Kyle clone in a pod?!? Zoinks!

Posted by:Tamara Brooks