Robertbaker2 On Valentine, Robert Baker plays the mild-mannered version of Hercules who aids the Valentine family — Grace as Aphrodite (Jaime Murray), Danny as Eros (Kristoffer Polaha) and Phoebe the goddess of the Oracle of Delphi (Autumn Reeser) connect soulmates.

Taking a break from his godly matchmaking intervention and his other 12 Labors, Baker took the time to share thoughts about his new show:

What drew you to Valentine?
Baker: Well, the material is fun and I get the chance to play the pedagogue of masculinity … so no pressure I guess. plus steady employment is hardly overrated.

Describe your character and how he fits in with the Valentine family.
Baker: I play Leo Francisci, who is in actuality Herakles (Hercules in the Roman [mythology]). I am the best friend of Eros and after a tragedy in my life, I was saved by Aphrodite and have sworn to protect her. Plus, technically we are all related because of Zeus, so there’s that as well…

What types of people will we see fall in love on the show?
Baker: All colors, sizes, shapes, and sexes.

(Note: In one early episode, a white perfume maker/chemist falls for the Indian food delivery woman who provides his lunch each day, but runs into trouble when he comes up against her culture’s views on marriage.)

How do you feel about embodying a Greek god?
Baker: It’s great! total fantasy and fiction yet with a long historical as well as cultural importance and base.

How does the show balance real life and mythology? Any other Greek god cameos?
Baker: It plays pretty heavy on the fantasy. If you’ve got greek gods, you use them! We may see the big guy (Zeus) later on…

What is your character’s outlook on love?
Baker: My character believes in love, but has had tragedy befall him in that department before. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

Robertbaker_valentine_240 What would you like the viewers to take away with them after watching Valentine?
Baker: Hopefully they just have a nice escape from their day and enjoy and are amused by our little ditties…

For more, check out Zap2it’s Valentine review. Valentine premieres on The CW on Sunday, Oct. 5.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen