antoine dodson christms A Very Antoine Dodson Christmas: 'Santa ain't my ho ho ho homeboy'2010 was a very, very good year for Antoine Dodson, who became an internet sensation after a local news station did a story on the intruder who attacked his sister. Antoine’s message for the on-the-run creeper turned into the song “Bed Intruder” with a little help from auto-tune — okay, a lot of help from auto-tune, and now Dodson is being snapped by paparazzi outside Katsuya Hollywood.

Hey, you can’t fault a man for knowing how to capitalize on a crazy person climbing into his window and into his sister’s bed!

After a great year, it’s only fitting that Dodson finish it out with another song sure to be an internet hit. This time, he’s targeting another intruder: Santa Claus.

“If Santa’s coming to my house, he’s coming through the space heater,” Dodson exclaims. “If I see a fat red guy runnin’ around, he better have some Kool-Aid for me.”

The video premiered on Lopez Tonight. Run and tell that.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie