Food, family, hidden agendas within secret operations, sabotage…there’s nothing like the holidays on My Own Worst Enemy.

Spoilers – if you want to read just my general thoughts, skip to the Assorted Bits & Pieces down below

It must be disconcerting to wake up and find yourself in a foreign country. Rabbat, Morocco to be exact. This is where Henry comes to, sitting at a restaurant table in the middle of a marketplace. Chased away by the waiter in confusion, Henry checks his phone for a video message from Edward who says a man in a seersucker suit will visit him at 3pm. Henry is to walk by and give the man the parcel in his pocket and that’s it. Edward also warns that this is outside company business and not to tell anyone for his own safety. Spotting the man, Henry covers his face and goes to make the exchange. To bad Raymond snipers the guy before the drop can happen. Henry makes a break for it but his escape route is cut off by soldiers in a Humvee and then by Raymond. This can’t be good.

Flashback to 24 hours earlier, Edward (as Henry) is in the house and finds an envelope stuck in the sports section that says "Go Lakers!" Taking out a handy little magnifier, he sees the message hidden in the dot of the exclamation mark – "Ferndell Park 8:30 Yuri." On his way out, Angie is getting off the phone with her dad. She stops him and says that he’s got an announcement to make but wouldn’t say what. Edward says it may not be a bad thing and not to make herself crazy thinking about it.

Edward takes a seat on a bench at Ferndell Park. Yuri sits on the bench connected/behind him. Yuri has the name of the man who murdered his parents, as Mariam promised in last week’s episode, but wants something in return. Edward said there was no mention of a deal and won’t betray his country. Before he leaves, Yuri says to take his newspaper so the day won’t be a total loss. Edward sits and opens it, finding articles and papers about his parents and the accident.

Meanwhile, Mary brings groceries over to the Spivey household. She’d been shopping for Thanksgiving and, since they’re doing it there, she’d bring them over. Bringing them in, she and Angie talk and Mary says she’d asked Tom to move out because she’s still not even remotely over the "affair." Angie asks that she uses her kitchen as neutral turf so they can make the annual turducken. Wrong. So very wrong. Angie’s dad Archie shows up which cuts the conversation short. Mary leaves and Angie asks what the big announcement is. Archie declares that he’s Jewish. He hired a researcher to do his family tree and discovered his birth mother is Jewish. Ta-dah.

Back at the park, Edward sees a picture of himself in his high school football uniform and flashes back to Nov. 21, 1986. Walking with his parents to their car, they compliment him on his good game. His dad offers to let Edward drop him off at the airport in his Camero. Though excited by the offer, he declines because there’s a post-game party at a pizza joint and he should probably ride with the team. Dad’s a bit disappointed but they say their goodbyes and part ways. On the bus, Edward and the team pass an accident…and it’s his parents’ car. He pounds on the glass and cries as he sees firemen and paramedics work on the removing his mother and father from the wreckage. Present-day Edward plays a cassette left by Yuri. He says Janus told Edward that someone cut the brake line because his dad was an undercover CIA agent and that the person who did it was dead. Yuri tells him to find a guy named Dmitri and he’ll find out what Janus didn’t want him to know.

At Janus, Mavis tells Edward and Tom that there’s been more terrorist-related chatter than usual but the powers-that-be in Morocco aren’t taking it seriously enough. She wants them on a "red cell mission" – to go steal the latest version of an item called "The Falcon" out from under them so she can light a fire under the base commander’s behind. After the meeting, Edward meets Yuri in the park again and offers up "The Falcon" but Yuri better not be lying about the info.

Raymond and Edward show up at the base disguised as TV install guys. Talking one of the guards into letting them in the communication hub/surveillance room, Raymond shoots a stun dart in his neck and they set up, running down the specs. Edward wants to go retrieve "The Falcon" but Raymond would rather do it just in case. Having Henry as his eyes is safer than having Henry wandering about. Edward maneuvers Raymond into a closet then heads off on his own, setting up a few traps to delay him further. Setting off a smoke bomb which trips the alarm and freezing a door, Edward makes it to "The Falcon" and begins extraction while simultaneously guiding and delaying Raymond so by the time he’s reached the vault, Edward’s already stolen it and made it back to the surveillance room. When Raymond gets there, it appears someone’s beaten them to the punch and really stolen it.

Mavis talks to the base commander and Edward and Raymond. She tells them to send her all the surveillance footage so Tony the Tech can run them. She’s not pleased. After the video call, Edward tells Raymond to stay behind while he presses his contact at the ministry. Which brings us back to the beginning of the episode. Only what we didn’t see was Tony getting a hit on the man in the seersucker suit (named Kosygin) which lead Raymond to his sniper position. As Henry is cornered by Raymond, a bunch of kids come running in between them which gives him time to escape. Raymond never got a look at his face so that disaster was narrowly diverted.

Back at Janus, Mavis fills Henry in on what’s been going on and that Kosygin is/was a KGB operative. When he asks what The Falcon is specifically, all she can say is generally it has something to do with missile defense systems. Their most promising lead is some surveillance footage which caught Henry’s shrouded face. But Tony the Tech identified Kosygin in a similar fashion so…um…not good.

Henry visits Dr. Skinner in a panic. He says he doesn’t trust her but knows she’ll go very far to protect Edward. Telling her that he thinks Edward’s going to betray the country. She sticks up for him and says there must be a good reason for Edward duplicity, a non-traitorous one. Henry isn’t too convinced and wants to turn "The Falcon" in to protect his family.

Henry arrives at home and Angie greets him at the door. Tom’s there, to his surprise, but he decides to hide The Falcon before going in to deal with normal life, leaving a message for Edward that says he doesn’t know what he’s up to but he’ll only succeed over his dead body.

In the kitchen, Tom tries to call a truce with Mary as they begin the turducken preparation. Reminiscing about the first time they made it over her dad’s place and how it went so well they ended up drunk and making whoopee in her old bedroom, Archie pops in a says he has a buddy that made turducken by deep-frying it in the backyard…but roasting should be okay too. Cue Mary and Tom having a drink.

Preparing for bed, Angie fills Henry in on Archie’s announcement. She thinks she’s pushing Mary to reconcile because her dad never got over the hurt of his similar situation. Henry’s cell rings – Angie says it’s okay to pick up and leaves the room. It’s Tony. He says he’ll probably be able to ID the guy in the mask. In the middle of the explanation of how, Edward emerges. He asks Tony if he can ID the "mystery operative" point blank and Tony says yes. Well double crap. He hangs up, then looks at his bio-metered texts. There’s a bunch – all urgent and from Norah Skinner.

At her office, Edward fills Norah in on the situation. He became a spy in order to find the spy who killed his parents. But he tells her she’s either with him on this or against him. Of course she’s with him. That out of the way, he initiates some "interpersonal relations." Too bad the chip chooses this time to fritz. Awkward. He calls out Angie’s name and then realizes it Dr. Skinner. Let’s just say he’s more than a little surprised by the situation and scrambles off her and across the room.

Dr. Skinner tries to explain the situation and calm Henry down but it’s not working at first. He’s just cheated on his wife, after all. But not really, except sort of, yes. It’s very complicated. Skinner also tries to explain that Edward is looking for the person who killed "their" parents. Henry’s not particularly interested, saying they aren’t his parents, but she gives him the file Edward gave her and asks that he read it before making any decisions.

Meanwhile, Tom and Mary are snookered in Henry’s kitchen. They’re having a good old time prepping the turducken. Such a good time, in fact, they end up making out on the floor. And more, I’m assuming.

Cut to Henry reading the file of the accident in the car. He seems to have flashes of what happened when reading the file. Thrown, he comes inside his office and finds Archie there. He tells Henry that he feels good knowing his true background and feeling that he belongs somewhere. Herny asks what he’d do if Archie found out he were connected to a criminal. Archie says that you are what you are and you make peace with it. This prompts Henry to leave Edward a message acknowledging that they have the same parents. But that doesn’t justify treason so he won’t give him The Falcon. That’s okay though. Edward pauses the message halfway through as he reviews the hidden surveillance feeds in the house and sees where Henry put it anyway. After retrieving it from the hiding place, he listens to the rest of the message. Henry says Tony will soon figure out it who’s really hiding behind that "mask" and it would be in both their best interest if he didn’t finish decoding/reconstructing the image.

The next morning, which happens to be Thanksgiving day, Edward goes to Ferndell Park and delivers The Falcon to Yuri who in turn gives him a current picture of Dmitri and his present whereabouts. Flashback to November 20, 1986. Edward asks his father about his job while he works on the Camero. Poppa Albright is an energy consultant. Teen Edward questions his job and asks if he’d talk about his job if he could. The elder Albright says that the truth isn’t the most important thing in the world, protecting your family is. And when pressed about where his favorite place in the world is, dear old dad says it’s home.

Back to present day, Henry emerges in the park right after Edward put the Dmitri info in his coat pocket. Arriving at the house, Tom, in a fashion,  tells Henry that he and Mary reconciled. Except Mary doesn’t exactly feel the same way, which he finds out a few minutes later. He’s disappointed but hides it fairly well. Angie told Henry to round up the kids for quality time with their grandfather so he retrieves them from his office where they’re on his computer. He kicks them out and checks on The Falcon, which he hid in the box where he keeps his extra checks. Open the box, he finds a note that says "Did you really think you could hide something from me!!!" Now we know why spies don’t use punctuation. Because they do it wrong. Shouldn’t there be a question mark or two in there?

Ticked, Henry marches straight into Janus while leaving an angry message for Edward. He talks to Mavis and she tells him they recovered it, it was "dropped into their laps." It was wiped clean – no fingerprints or DNA. She doubts they’ll ever know who was responsible. Enter Tony who’s finally got his facial reconstruction software to piece together the identity of the "mystery operative." He hadn’t looked at it yet and transferred it into her office so they could see it together. Too bad the image gets lost. Aw, poor Tony. She asks Henry what he was going to say again, but he says it was nothing. Now she’s off to enjoy the rest of her Thanksgiving.

Taking out his phone, Henry finds a message from Edward. He says that he’s not a traitor. He needed The Falcon to make a solid fake to give to the KGB. He also admits to sabotaging the photo ID. He finishes with "You’re welcome." Back at home, Henry address the families and toasts. Turducken for everyone.

Assorted Bits & Pieces:

  • The whole "Get The Falcon Before Raymond" sequence was fantastic! So very spy-tastic. It’s stuff like this that makes me dig this show – like Burn Notice and Mission: Impossible (both TV series more than the movies).
  • This is one of the few times Henry is justified in his horrified reactions. But he should’ve known that Edward wouldn’t have just handed The Falcon over to the KGB. On the other hand, Henry should’ve just told him he was going to make a copy. I know that’s counterproductive to the story they’re telling, but in the grand scheme of things, withholding info like that will eventually end up working against Edward.
  • Which will end up being more traumatic for Henry: waking up in the middle of gunfire and chaos or waking up in the middle of having "interpersonal relations" with Dr. Skinner? I’m guessing the waking up during nookie.
  • Poor. Tom. He was so happy and hopeful. But he should’ve realized reconciling with Mary wouldn’t be that easy. Was I the only one thinking, "Good grief, wash your hands! Salmonella!!" when they started kissing?
  • Allow a moment of odd philosophy: The turducken is not just a delicious ( I assume) layered meaty treat. In MOWE, it’s a metaphor for the complicated levels of all our characters’ lives and minds. On the surface, it’s one thing but once you slice into it you realize it’s so much more. And, to be much less poetic, all the civilian identities are crammed into the pre-existing bodies of our spies. The families they have are the gravy.
  • You know, it just occurred to me that last week Henry was freaking out that Angie might be a chipped double-agent like him. She wasn’t but the girlfriend that died in a car accident was. Does that mean Mary’s an agent or was she "unplanned" like Angie?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Did you ever doubt Edward? Is Henry still freaking out too much? Where you as hopeful as Tom that he and Mary were getting back together? Ever had turducken?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks