Jeff explores the pros and cons to all sides of JT’s decision. All three survivors look nervous.  JT casts his vote, and in doing so, chooses Steve to sit beside him in the final two.

Day 39-Mission Accomplished!
Steve and JT spend their final day at the Forza camp, and they enjoy their much anticipated final breakfast together. Honestly, as fun as back-stabbing and blind-siding is, it’s heart warming to see two friends stay true to each other and make it as far as an alliance can take you in this game.

JT and Steve walk into the final tribal council for “Survivor:Tocantins” and Jeff begins the proceedings. In his opening statement, Steve asks the jury to focus on how far he’s come as a kid from the city to survive camping outside for 39 days, while JT stresses how hard he worked both at camp and in challenges, and how well he competed against each juror.

Brendan is first to question the pair, and he asks Steve if how far you’ve come personally is really a very good reason to win the game. He doesn’t seem impressed by Steve’s argument, and neither is JT. Looks like Brendan will be voting for JT. Erinn presses Steve on the many al
liances he formed, and how most of the people who were in his alliances ended up being voted out, Steve makes no apologies for the way he played. Not sure for whom she’s going to vote. Deb asks JT if his apparent honesty was a fa├žade or truly his personality, and then asks Steve if he would have taken JT with him to the final two. Steve says he would have taken Erinn. Her vote seems up for grabs as well.

Here we go, Coach is opening his mouth. He asks both men who thinks they played the most honest and noble game. I think Steve’s vote against Coach at tribal will hurt him here. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that Coach didn’t go off into the nether reaches of metaphysics in his moment on center stage. Is he losing his edge? Sierra questions JT as to why he claimed he was taking strong competitors with him to the end, when Steve, whom she considered a weak competitor, was sitting with him in the final two. JT’s response that he did believe in Stephen’s strength doesn’t seem to satisfy her, and she appears to be voting for Steve.

Well, I’d really have been happy with either man winning. As I wrote earlier in my recap, it was really good to see two people form a bond that lasted the entire game, weathering all of its rigors, temptations and threats. Taking the million dollars out of the equation, a win for JT is a win for Stephen, and vice versa. Just make sure you pay those taxes, buddy. See you all next season!!

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski