aaron paul breaking bad live kelly michael need for speed gi Aaron Paul didn't think 'Breaking Bad' would succeed, still can't cook meth

Former “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul may be moving on to films with his upcoming “Need for Speed,” but he hasn’t forgotten the show that made him a star — even if he doesn’t actually know how to cook meth these days.

But the big surprise in an interview on “Live with Kelly and Michael” came when Paul revealed that he never thought “Breaking Bad” would be a success at all.

“I read the script, I thought it was brilliant but … High school chemistry teacher finds out he was dying of cancer so he decides to start cooking and selling crystal meth? I didn’t think it was going to …” Paul shakes his head at this point. “That’s why everyone passed on it.”

Fortunately for the world, Paul did not pass and instead took the role of Jesse Pinkman. He eventually won two Emmys playing the right-hand man to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White.

He does not, however, know how to cook crystal meth. “If I tried, I would probably kill us all. I think I would blow us all up,” Paul replies when asked if he had picked up the know-how from “Breaking Bad.”

This is probably a good thing, especially since Paul’s career seems to be going just fine without illicit drugs.

Posted by:Laurel Brown