aaron paul breaking bad withdrawals Aaron Paul going through 'Breaking Bad' 'withdrawals'

If you miss “Breaking Bad,” you’re not alone. The stars of the series are having a hard time adjusting to life after Walter White as well.
While attending the Sundance Film Festival with his newest movie, “Hellion,” Aaron Paul tells Vulture, “We’re all having withdrawals. It was such a beautiful, functional family that we didn’t want to leave one another, and we’re still very close.” As for how he’s coping with the loss, Paul continues, “I’m just keeping busy. I think that’s the thing. I haven’t stopped since we wrapped. We had a little break for the holidays, which is nice, so that’s when I took my belated honeymoon, and now we’re doing all this, and then jumping onto another thing.”
Paul admits that the cast still keeps in touch, texting each other. The day after the series finale wrapped, he found himself on set for “Need for Speed” when, ‘I got a text from Bryan Cranston saying, “I miss you already.'” It’s a special bond that cast has, Paul explains, “We really loved — we really love — one another. “
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