aaron rodgers letterman Aaron Rodgers on Letterman: Charmingly bashful, explains 'the belt'

Green Bay Packers quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers took time out of his busy, post-Bowl publicity tour to sit down with David Letterman, and the results were only a little awkward.

Clearly a bit taken aback by sitting next to Letterman, Rodgers explains the game, his calm demeanor and that shiny belt they threw on him during the awards presentation.

“The belt has really caught on,” says Rodgers of the WWE World Championship belt, complete with spinning logo. “It’s a celebration that stared during practice, and the fans love it. You’ve got to give them what they love.”

Judging by the screams of “yeah” from the audience, the fans do love it. And they also followed Rodgers to Letterman’s New York studio.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell