PTImbz1hZTI5Y2FkN2NhNGY*OTE3YTk4Y2MzMGZlMDExNzFmNiZvZj*w Aaron Sorkin on 'The View': 'The Social Network,' Facebook and showers

Aaron Sorkin revealed some of the secrets to his writing process on “The View” Wednesday (Sept. 29).

Sadly, they’re not in the video clip above. It shows only the portion of his guest appearance where he talks about “The Social Network,” the movie about the founding of Facebook which he wrote (David Fincher directed) and which opens Friday.

Among the writing secrets: multiple showers every day. Sorkin insists that he’s not a germophobe, but he often takes “six to eight” showers in a day as a way to help jump-start his writing. He told Barbara Walters and Co. that because he can no longer rip a piece of paper out of his typewriter and crumple it up, he uses the shower as a way to hit his mental reset button.

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Posted by:Rick Porter