Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin stopped by “CBS This Morning” Wednesday (June 27) to talk about his new HBO show “The Newsroom,” but he was also asked about beloved screenwriter Nora Ephron, who passed away Tuesday night.

She wrote romantic comedy
in a style we don’t see much anymore,” says Sorkin. “Her spirit was really in it
because she loved it so much. She loved film so much. There were a lot
of things she loved very much – from food to films. It’s terribly sad
that she’s gone, but we have her movies to keep us going.

When asked about “The Newsroom,” Sorkin had this to say:

“What I set out to do was to do ‘His Girl Friday’ against the backdrop of real world events. I love those old Preston Sturges, Howard Hawks movies, where everybody’s talking fast,” says Sorkin. “I love newsroom-type stories. But I wanted to set it in the real world. I wanted to set it against the backdrop of real events, so our show takes place in the very recent past. All the news is real.”

“It is a romantic comedy .. it even treats the news romantically and idealistically. These guys are on a Quixotic mission to do the news well. It’s a doomed mission, but we’re seeing a group of underdogs trying as hard as they can.”

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