aaron sorkin newsroom hbo 325 Aaron Sorkin's 'Sorkinisms' video mashup: Trite and true?

Aaron Sorkin‘s quickfire dialogue and passionate polemics are such a signature of the film and TV writer that his name has inspired a noun: Sorkinism.

Regular viewers of his TV series and films, from “The Newsroom” (which premiered on HBO last night) and “The West Wing” to “A Few Good Men” and “The Social Network,” recognize that the scribe has a few go-to phrases.

But until the extraordinary “Sorkinisms – A Supercut” video mashup hit the airwaves, we didn’t realize quite how often the famous scribe dipped into his own well of words.

To wit: “And you know it” (repeated a whopping 24 times by different actors in this video); “I’m not that guy”; “The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels”; “Eat ’em up”;  “This isn’t [government, etc.] camp: It’s not important that everyone gets to play”;  “I hate your breathing guts”; “not for nothing but”; “this isn’t happening”; and “I’m like Tippi Hedren.” (Maybe “The Birds” had a profound influence on the Oscar winner?)

And finally: “It seems to me that more and more we’ve come to expect less and less of each other,” uttered by his “West Wing” and “Sports Night” actors — and Sorkin himself in his 1997 Syracuse University commencement address.

To quote Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry, Martin Sheen and Felicity Huffman, among other Sorkin stars, this video is “really quite something.”

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