aaron sorkin steve jobs gi Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic: Three long, real time scenesAaron Sorkin has revealed some details about his screenplay for a biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs — and in keeping with the spirit of its subject, it’s unconventional.

Speaking at the Newsweek/Daily Beast “Hero Summit” Thursday (Nov. 15), Sorkin said his structure for the film would be three long, real-time scenes from three key moments in Jobs’s career: the creation of the Mac, the launch of his company NeXT and, after his return to Apple, the introduction of the iPod.

The movie would end, Sorkin says, with one of Apple’s “Think Different” ads from the late 1990s called “Here’s to the crazy ones.”

“If I can live up to that ending … I will have won,” Sorkin says.

What do you think of Sorkin’s idea? Can it work as a movie?

Posted by:Rick Porter