chloe abbys ultimate dance competition 2 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition': Chloe's luck runs outThis week on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” Abby Lee Miller welcomes Maddie and Mackenzie from her Abby Lee Dance Company for the theme of “mythology.” The skill this week is “power” and the M&M show off a dance battle because that’s what the competitors will be doing for their competition this week.

The face-offs are a revolving door where if you keep winning, you keep taking on newcomers. Travis beats a couple people, Trinity does well, but in the end, it’s Ally versus McKaylee and Ally is the winner — though she only had to dance against one person, so that hardly seems fair.

As her prize, Ally (but really her mom Tiffany) gets to cast this week’s routines — Medusa’s Tragic Romance is for Travis and Trinity; Birth of a Goddess for Kalani and Haley; Hades and Lost Souls for JoJo, Gianna and Chloe; and Sirens for McKaylee, Ally and Tyler.

During performances, Kalani and Haley get mostly good marks, while Ally and Tyler receive some criticism — though McKaylee gets high praise for their dance. In the Trinity/Travis dance, which was our favorite of the night, the judges jump up and down and they receive the first finger-wag of the season. Then JoJo/Gianna/Chloe receive good marks for JoJo, but some big criticism for Gianna and Chloe.

Looks like Chloe might be headed home once again.

The bottom ends up being Gianna, Chloe and Kalani, with Gianna being safe first and then Kalani is safe, so Chloe is going home and there’s no special card to save her this week.

There weren’t too many crazy mom-isms this week, but Haley’s mom Melanie was in fine form with this:

“There are so many moms that don’t want to see my daughter succeed. If you mess with my kid, watch out. … My daughter’s obviously better than your daughter and your daughter and your daughter and your daughter. … I should take the sword and whack you across the throat with it.” — Melanie

What did you think, dance fans? Did the right girl go home?

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