beauty and the beast x2 ABC is doing a 'Beauty and the Beast' pilot tooAlmost every pilot season brings with it a couple of shows that have similar concepts — think “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm,” “ER” and “Chicago Hope,” or the glut of friends-hanging-out comedies that premiered last season.

But it’s rare to get two projects based on pretty much exactly the same thing. That’s happening now, though, because ABC has greenlit a pilot for a new take on “Beauty and the Beast” — one week after The CW greenlit a pilot for “Beauty and the Beast.”

ABC’s project, EW reports, will be set in a “mythical, dangerous world” and play up its fairy-tale roots. “Jericho” and “Human Target” veteran Jonathan Steinberg is writing it. (If you’re thinking “‘Once Upon a Time’ companion piece,” so are we.)

The CW, meanwhile, is updating the late-’80s cult series that starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman and was set in New York. Presumably the leads in the new show will be younger (Hamilton and Perlman were in their 30s when their show debuted), and the Beast will eventually be revealed as a really attractive guy. Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper (“Brothers & Sisters”) are the writers on The CW project.

Neither one, as far as we know, will have anthropomorphic teapots or candlesticks, and we’re hoping that both projects serve the source material better than the movie “Beastly” did last year.

Posted by:Rick Porter